Exo: The Cricket-powered Protein & Energy Bars

Exo, Exo: The Cricket-powered Protein & Energy Bars, The Travel Bug Bite

Replacing livestock with insects as a protein source can save the world. The UN has been telling us this for years now, yet few people consider bugs to be food. People will gladly put on bibs to devour shrimp or craw fish, pulling out their intestines with their bare fingers. Yet eating a a crunchy mealworm raised in a clean, controlled environment is gross. Humans are truly baffling creatures. Thank you Exo, for being brave and turning the super food that insects are into a healthy and delicious snacks.

I have taken a page out of Josh the Entovegan‘s book and I follow a mostly vegan diet plus insects (when available). It’s not surprising that living in a small town in Rhode Island doesn’t give me too many insect eating opportunities except for my personal mealworm farm. That is where Exo comes into the picture!

I discovered Exo cricket protein bars in a Facebook ad. I have had mixed experience with online shopping via Facebook. Several items turned out to be scams and I never got my money back. Other items took literally half a year to arrive. Finally, some items came and were not at all as described. Somehow, I still get tempted by these ads and for once I was not disappointed!

The ad offered a variety pack of 3 Exo protein bars for just $4 including shipping and handling. I can barely find crappy unhealthy bars for this price at the local convenience store. It seemed too good to be true but I made the order and was pleasantly surprised to receive them in just three days!


Trying these bars forced me to cheat a little on my entovegan diet as they do contain egg. However these bars are dairy-free, soy-free and gluten free. Plus they are paleo friendly and the energy bars contain 10 grams of protein while the protein bars contain 16!

Exo bars come in seven flavors: Banana Bread Energy Bar, Cocoa Nut Energy Bar, Blueberry Vanilla Energy Bar, PB&J Energy Bar, Peanut Butter Protein Bar, Chocolate Chip Bar and Chocolate Fudge Bar.

They also offer whole-roasted crickets in different flavors. While these are more expensive, due to supply vs. demand costs, I am considering ordering some because crickets make delicious and nutritious snacks! These come in salt & vinegar, sriracha, Texas BBQ and crispy taco flavors. Finally, they also sell pure cricket powder. This can be used as a supplement or for baking your own crickety goodness.

Why are crickets expensive?

As you can see, these aren’t the cheapest bars available. This is because cricket farming is still in it’s early stages. The reason they can sell beef, pork and chicken for as cheap as they do, is because farms and livestock feed take up more than half of the land in the USA. Yes, your read that correctly. This is one reason why insect farming is considered more sustainable.

Farming crickets takes a lot less space, water, food and time. You can read more about this directly on Exo’s website although this is also mentioned in the original UN research paper and plea for the world to eat more insects.

So far I have only tried the three protein bars and they were delicious. They don’t actually taste like insects. Most insects actually absorb the flavor of whatever they are cooked with just like tofu or certain mushrooms. You also don’t see any insect parts as these bars are made with ground cricket flour so it’s safe for those of us who are squeamish.

Thank you Exo, for creating these products and for your efforts of making the world a better place. While the entomophagy movement has been slow and grueling, I truly believe that it is the future. So don’t be a worry wart and order your sample pack today. You won’t regret it, I promise. Oh, unless you are allergic to shell fish! Do not consume insects if you are allergic to shell fish.

Exo, Exo: The Cricket-powered Protein & Energy Bars, The Travel Bug Bite

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