Ye Express: My Go-To Sushi Spot in West Warwick, RI

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Ye Express is a great sushi place located on Main Street in West Warwick, Rhode Island. They have a great staff that is always friendly, and the owner knew our order by heart after our third visit. Ye Express has a great combination of American Chinese food, Japanese sushi and Western alcohol – they also have an amazing sake that they serve either hot or cold.

Isaac and I aren’t the kind of people to have a usual spot. We love to explore and try new places as often as we can. For some reason, we keep coming back! Well, for three reasons.

1. Great Menu

Ye Express is a small place with a wide selection of delicious options. There are a lot of vegan options as well as the regular meat and fish. The vegan/veggie sushi that we always get are the peanut avocado rolls and the tofu skin rolls. We always get a starter of veggie Vietnamese style nime chao. We have brought meat and seafood-eating friends and they gave the place their seal of approval as well.

You can see their full menu here.

2. Great Staff

We’ve been to Ye Express dozens of times and have been served by four different people including the owner. Everyone is awesome and kind, stop by for a chat and make sure everything is okay. One time we came with a huge group of hungry people and they were very patient and accommodating. They always make us feel right at home.

3. Great Price

The prices at Ye Express are unbeatable. It’s located in West Warwick which makes things a little cheaper than in Providence or Newport. But there are other local places that are not as good but cost almost twice as much. Even with sake, our bill (tip included) rarely tops $40 for two people. We always leave tipsy and full, with hilarious fortunes in tow.

Don’t be surprised if we drag you over to this place on your next visit to West Warwick. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they have the best udon noodles I have ever had, including when I lived in China. My only complaint is that they don’t have inari on their menu. But I have yet to find inari in the USA.


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