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I am part of a YouTubers group on Facebook where we help each other by watching and commenting on videos. I was doing my regular weekly thread when I discovered a video by Adam Boro called “The best year of my ENTIRE LIFE.” The title made me roll my eyes, since I am used to seeing such obvious click bait. But, I started watching the video. I was hooked to every second from start to finish, even though it was 14 minutes long. I have re-watched it twice since then with others.

In 2019, Adam Boro was selected as one of the top 20 STEM student leaders, internationally, by Aviation Week Magazine as a “20 Twenties” award recipient. He has done some amazing work for NASA at an incredibly young age (he is currently 21). This, on it’s own, isn’t what made me so inspired by him. His attitude towards living every day as if it’s the last and putting himself out there really resonated with me. I wanted to share his video with you in case it impacts you the way it did me.

The Video:

You can follow Adam Boro on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. He also has a website. He manages an amazing Facebook group called Yes Theory Fam, you can follow it here. Yes Theory also has a YouTube channel full of inspiring content.

There are many people like Adam out there, posting inspiring quotes and videos. What moved me about him was his honesty. At one point in the video he talks about how it’s easier to put yourself out there and do things that make you look cool. He then proceeds to work on this and improve himself. Which I applaud because it’s hard to admit your flaws so publicly. He made me want to work on my own flaws and put myself out there more. The timing is unfortunate and I won’t be interacting much with strangers or jumping out of planes anytime soon, but I hope to begin saying yes to life immediately.

I hope to make more posts about inspiring people in the future. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section below!


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