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Dogs make our daily life so much better. However, travel can get complicated and expensive. Especially if you’re the spontaneous trip taker type. One option is to take you dog with you and find a pet friendly hotel. This isn’t always possible or convenient. This is why I’d like to recommend Camp Bow Wow, an amazing doggy daycare and boarding facility.

Camp Bow Wow is a chain and has facilities all over the USA. We discovered ours by simply searching for a doggy daycare nearby. It was not only close but had amazing reviews on Google. We decided to check it out! One perk of Camp Bow Wow that makes it better than any other doggy daycare we’ve seen, is that there are cameras that let you stalk your pet (almost) all day long!

Before you can bring a new pet in, they require all their paperwork and a trial run. During the trial period of three to six hours, depending on the dog, they will let you know if your dog can be a fellow camper! We have one very good boy, Smiley, and a more prone-to-naughtiness boy, Pablo. While Smiley passed within 15 minutes, they decided to keep Pablo all day just to make sure. They ended up accepting both of our boys!

Last month, Smiblo spent seven nights at Camp Bow Wow. We watched them on the app. They played with other dogs and Pablo got frequent hugs from the staff. It was so reassuring to be able to watch them play and be happy. When we came to pick them up, the staff talked to us about the boys and it was clear that they were loved throughout their stay. We paid a little extra to have them bathed before we brought them home. I definitely recommend this doggy daycare and boarding for anyone who has friendly dogs that thrive surrounded by others. Smiblo got to meet 130+ dogs during their stay and they got along with everyone.


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