Tile to the Rescue: Hidden Keys & Wallets Beware

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It happens to the best of us – it’s five minutes after you’re supposed to leave for work, you’re all ready to go, coat on, bag packed, dogs fed… but where are the damn keys? Come to think of it, where’s your wallet? Ugh, this happens every day. On the kitchen counter? No… Dining room table? No… In the fridge? Nope.

Finally, now that you’re 20 minutes late for work, you find your wallet in yesterday’s pants pocket and your keys inexplicably right there on the kitchen counter where you’ve looked over them at at least ten times this morning.

Any of this sound familiar? Maybe, maybe not. Some people, like my wife Olena, have a natural talent to just remember to put the keys and wallet in the same exact place, right when they get home. Others, like me, can’t seem to get into this habit. You come home, the dogs are jumping around, you need to use the bathroom, whatever else. The keys end up on whatever surface you see first and your wallet blends into the top of your dresser where you have zero memory of putting it.

For Valentine’s Day, Olena got me a set of Tiles. It’s a tiny fob device the size of a postage stamp that can be attached to your keys, stuck into your wallet, or stuck to anything you might lose around the house like the TV remote. You then connect them to a smartphone app which allows you, through Bluetooth, to “ring” any device you want. Not only that, but it works backwards too. If you’re like me and sleep with your phone on silent, calling it in the morning from your wife’s phone to try and find it doesn’t work.

Enter the Tile. Simply double-tap any of the fobs you HAVE found and it’ll ring your phone, whether it’s on silent or not. You can even connect it to a smart speaker like a Google Home, and simply say “Hey Google, where are my keys?” I’ve used it to find my wallet at least a dozen times since I got it, and it’s made my frantic search in the morning that much easier.


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