Khoo Restaurant: Emergency Take-Out Sushi

Khoo, Khoo Restaurant: Emergency Take-Out Sushi, The Travel Bug Bite

Recently I wrote about my favorite sushi spot, Ye Express. We eat there every time we get paid for our traditional pay day sushi! In the past month we went overboard and ate away our COVID-19 depression here. To our absolute horror, when dining in was banned in Rhode Island, Ye Express shut down completely! We had to look for a plan B and Google led us right to Khoo.

Let me point out how amazing it is to be alive in 2020. West Warwick is a small town of 35,000 people and yet, there are multiple sushi places to go to! Since we’ve driven past Khoo before, we decided to give it a go. It didn’t disappoint. The owner is amazing and gave us a coupon for free crab rangoon for our second order.

While we occasionally eat seafood, our diet is predominantly plant-based. They do have a great selection of vegan rolls including sweet potato, avocado, avocado cucumber, cucumber and avocado carrot cucumber. We have also sampled their avocado eel rolls and they were amazingly good! Their prices are a little higher than Ye Express, but as I mentioned, their prices are unbeatable and make no sense to me. Khoo is still incredibly affordable!

Malaysian Cuisine

Another difference between these two amazing places is that Khoo has Malaysian and Chinese options while Ye Express has Japanese and Vietnamese dishes. It’s going to be tough once this crazy world manages to turn itself back on after a sufficient re-boot period. I guess it’s a good thing that I get paid twice a month so we can alternate our pay day sushi spots! We are hoping to try some of the fun Malaysian foods at Khoo soon!

We do miss Ye Express and are experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. However, the silver lining is that we discovered an amazing new place. We can’t wait for the chance to experience dining-in at Khoo in the future! Check out their menu here.

Khoo, Khoo Restaurant: Emergency Take-Out Sushi, The Travel Bug Bite

Khoo, Khoo Restaurant: Emergency Take-Out Sushi, The Travel Bug Bite

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