Leyden Farm Vineyard & Winery: Review

, Leyden Farm Vineyard & Winery: Review, The Travel Bug Bite

I went to a wine tasting at Leyden Farm in July 2019 and finally got to writing about it! Until recently, these tastings were available for as little as $13 for two people on GroupOn. This includes two wine glasses with the logo and I still use mine to this day! Isaac, obviously, broke his months ago… but that’s okay because we’ll be coming back once wine tastings are possible again!

One reason I decided to write this now, during the quarantine, is to encourage people to support businesses like Leyden Farm. Sure, we don’t know when we’ll be able to visit, but we can buy a gift card or book a tour already. Leyden doesn’t seem to have these available on their website, but I’m sure they’d be happy to accommodate if you reached out and asked. This goes for any small business – your support would be greatly appreciated!

Leyden Farm Wines

Anywhoo, Leyden Farm is beautiful and has great sitting areas to enjoy sipping on some wine. After sampling the wine, you can obviously purchase a bottle and enjoy it at the venue. We snagged a great spot overlooking the farm and hung out for over an hour drinking their amazing wine. You can see their wine list here.

I’m a classic red-wine person except on special occasions and my absolute favorite from Leyden’s selection was American Cranberry. It was fruity and a great combo of sweet and sour. It tickled my tastebuds and encouraged me to buy a bottle. I’m usually cheap so I stick to $10 wine bottles, but $18.95 is a great deal for a local vineyard and so worth it!

I can’t wait for the world to go back to normal so I can come back to Leyden Farms for more wine tasting. This time I’m thinking of getting a double tasting so that I can try more options before buying a bottle (or two) to take home.

About Leyden

“For four generations, Christmas trees perfumed the grounds at Leyden Farm & Winery. In 2010, the Leyden family became interested in making their own fruit-essence wines and planted strawberries, blueberries, and grapevines amidst the trees, becoming partners with a love for farming and wine.

The fruit from the vines grew eventually becoming red wines such as their Romeo’s Red and American Merlot, white wines such as Cleo’s Blanc and Sunny’s Grigio, or fruit varieties such as Apple Jack Russell, and  Samson’s Wild Berry. Today, visitors to the family farm can enjoy bites of cheese and crackers complemented by tastes of smooth, complex, crisp wines.”

Leyden Farm

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