Gudetama the Lazy Egg 101

Gudetama, Gudetama the Lazy Egg 101, The Travel Bug Bite

I discovered Gudetama when I lived in Shanghai, China. One day on the subway I saw someone with a backpack that was covered in images of a sad-looking egg with a juicy butt. I was immediately intrigued and started Googling. Turns out this lazy egg is a sibling of Hello Kitty and he is popular enough to have cafes all over the world!

This is a great four-minute video which explains a bit of the psychology behind why Gudetama is so popular:

If you can’t tell from the photos alone, Gudetama is lazy and pessimistic. Which makes him so cute and easy to relate to. We all have Gudetama days when all we want to do is curl up under a comfy piece of bacon and rest. Or is it just me?

Gudetama merchandise is incredibly popular in Asia. I collected a bunch of it myself and I still can’t get enough of this lazy egg. I even crafted my own Gudetama stuff!

Gudetama, Gudetama the Lazy Egg 101, The Travel Bug Bite

Another exciting thing for Gudetama lovers, or just people who want to experience something different is: THEMED CAFES! I got to visit one in Singapore and one in Taiwan. They also exist in LA, Japan, Hong Kong and others.


The cafes always feature lots of Gudetama decorations including pillows, posters and large statues! The menu is also full of egg and rice dishes in the shape of the famous lazy egg. How fun is that?

I could tell you all about the cafes, but it’s probably better to show you. The cafe in Taipei, Taiwan was amazing. See all the crazy decorations here. Sadly, we arrived right when they were closing but they let us film the cafe.

We also went to one of these in Singapore. The decorations were less impressive and it was quite expensive! We were also really strict about not eating any animal products so all that we could eat was french fries and smoothies. It was still worth it!

Have you been to one of these cafes? Do you love this amazing lazy character? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!

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