MyFitnessPal: Weight Management App

My Fitness Pal, MyFitnessPal: Weight Management App, The Travel Bug Bite

I have been using MyFitnessPal on and off since 2016. It is a fitness tracking app that lets you log your progress. This includes the food you eat, the exercise you do and so much more. The basic app is completely free although the paid app has some features worth the investment.

When I first started using MyFitnessPal, I decided to pay for a year of premium. The paid version has no ads and it gives you more information about about your nutrition. To be completely honest, the ads are barely noticeable in the free version.

The extra nutrition information is really valuable if you are just starting out. It includes a nutrient dashboard and food analysis. It gives you timestamps on when you log food. This, in turn, gives you information on how it impacts your energy levels and workouts. It also lets you set all sorts of micro goals to motivate you along the way.

The Free Version

The first year I used the paid version, I did love it. But it was a little too much. By that I mean in price and in information. Once I lost some weight, I was no longer interested in all the details and went back to using the free version. Four years later and I’m still using it to track my weight and my meals. I also occasionally stalk my friends on it to support their progress.

I have introduced MyFitnessPal to many people including my husband. It is a great app for anyone who wants to work on their fitness and be more conscious of their nutrition. When my husband was using it to bulk up, he was shocked at how few calories he was consuming regularly. It became obvious to him why he wasn’t building muscle and he adjusted his meal plan. He never used it as meticulously as I did but it taught him a lot and helped him reach his goals.

A week ago I signed up for Noom, a fitness app that has a few similar functions to MyFitnessPal. But I am not planning on swapping it out completely. I will keep tracking my weight on MyFitnessPal and I’m excited to see the progress I make on my fitness journey. Stay tuned to The Travel Bug Bite for an upcoming review of Noom, the surprisingly controversial fitness app!

Another tip to stay active while stuck at home – I have a treadmill in my home office and I walk during my off time. The short bursts of exercise do wonders for my mental health and productivity, plus I get my steps in! I personally use this treadmill and highly recommend it.

My Fitness Pal, MyFitnessPal: Weight Management App, The Travel Bug Bite
My Fitness Pal, MyFitnessPal: Weight Management App, The Travel Bug Bite

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