Fit2Fat2Fit by Drew Manning: Book Review

Fit2Fat2Fit, Fit2Fat2Fit by Drew Manning: Book Review, The Travel Bug Bite

I discovered Drew Manning’s Fit2Fat2Fit on Hulu. The TV show, available on Hulu and other streaming websites is called Fit to Fat to Fit. I knew nothing about it and just wanted to watch something that would motivate me to work out more. The show led me to wanting to learn more about the original creator of this concept, Drew Manning.

Who is Drew Manning?

Drew Manning is a personal trainer who had trouble reaching some of his clients that needed to lose weight the most. His attitude about weight loss came from being a health nut his entire life. He believed that if someone is overweight, they are simply too lazy to make the right decisions. This thought process, despite being unspoken, left his clients frustrated.

To be able to relate to their struggle and to motivate them, he decided to gain 75 pounds on purpose. He stopped exercises, ate the most unhealthy food possible and managed to gain the weight in six months! The process was way more emotional than it was physical, and he learn so much about his clients’ struggles. He ended up losing the weight again and resumed personal training with a brand new understanding.

Is the Book Any Good?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I bought the book because I wanted to learn more about Drew. After watching the TV show based on his experience, I was curious to find out more. The book has pretty low reviews on Goodreads with the main complaints being about the simple recipes and exercises.

While the book does offer recipes and exercises, they are simple and can easily be Googled for free. I feel like most people get the book to learn more about his personal journey. Or maybe that’s just me. The book was great at summarizing his experiences and there were some insightful tips. I really enjoyed reading it and do feel inspired to keep changing my life to take on a healthier lifestyle.

“Drawing from the lessons and insights of his breakout website,, personal trainer Drew Manning delivers the story of his quest to go from fit to fat to fit again in one year in order to better understand the weight-loss struggles of his clients and the online community.

Drew embarked on this journey to prove to clients, website followers, and people across the country that it is possible to get back into shape—and his bottomless desire to kindle a new hope for his readers comes through on every page of Fit2Fat2Fit.

With before and after (and after…) photos to that tell their own striking story, and intimate reflections from Drew’s wife Lynn, Fit2Fat2Fit is more than a spectacle or a gimmick; it’s an inspiring story, and sound proof that anyone can reach the level of fitness they desire to make themselves happy.”


You can find out more about Drew Manning on his website.

To buy Fit2Fat2Fit b Drew Manning you can use this Amazon link here.

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Fit2Fat2Fit, Fit2Fat2Fit by Drew Manning: Book Review, The Travel Bug Bite
Fit2Fat2Fit, Fit2Fat2Fit by Drew Manning: Book Review, The Travel Bug Bite

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  1. I watched one of his interviews and was amazed with a different perspective of food, dieting and mental strength he showed. Love your review!

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