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Isaac and I have been hiking every weekend! People often ask us how we find great hiking spots and honestly, most days we just find a green spot on the map and set the GPS. More recently, with higher distance goals, we have started doing a little more planning ahead of time. Trailforks is a great app that helps you do just that.

I mentioned Trailforks in my post about the Big River Management Area. But I thought it deserved its own blog post so I can rave about how awesome it is. One of the best things about it is that a lot of people use it. This means that it gets constantly updated with information such as “this path is completely flooded and unusable.” We experienced this first-hand last weekend after some heavy rains!

The Trailforks app is available for both iPhone and Android. It is incredibly user friendly and functional as you can see by their great reviews. It also works just about anywhere in the world where there are trails! Why did I not discover it earlier when I wandered about aimlessly in Czech forests? No idea, but I’m still kicking myself!

Trailforks Database

There are so many trails all over the world, so how can one app guide you through all of them? No clue. I assume it has to do with the crazy amount of people using it and contributing to make it better. It is available in 123 countries and covers over a quarter of a million trails that cover over 600 thousand kilometers.

“378,022 miles of 261,840 trails in 123 countries.”


Trailforks is dedicated to providing the best interactive trail maps, custom designed based on the selected activity. It gives you information on walking paths, bike paths and even horse-friendly trails! When you find an area that you want to explore, you can filter based on your needs and you can click on the trail to get all the important information.

The maps include information about topographic layers, points of interest, trail popularity, heat maps, routes, trail conditions, Strava segments, photos, videos and so much more. Our Map empowers users with the info you need to navigate trail networks, so that no one will be scared of getting lost.

Trailforks is also available as a website that you can visit without registering, but to get the best experience, download the app and get moving today!

I personally like to hike with just my phone, but for longer hikes it’s a good idea to bring a few things. One thing I am strongly considering buying is a straw that purifies water! There are some other great things to check out on Amazon. Here are some links fo hiking boots for men and these for women.

There are also kits that include compact first aid supplies, survival tools, folding trekking poles and bracelets with essential life-saving tools.

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