Motorcycle Tips for Women: Interview with Ichico

Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tips for Women: Interview with Ichico, The Travel Bug Bite

When I picture a typical motorcycle rider, I imagine a big, muscular, tattooed man with a bushy beard and probably some piercings. Ichico breaks that stereotype and has been riding since she was just 22 years old.

She went from getting a license for a middle class (~400cc) bike to racing 200km/h (125m/h) on the Suzuka Circuit. Today she has 1.9k followers on Instagram and produces motorcycle clothing that you can buy on Motoholic.

How She Started

“I got my licence when I was 22 and in my last year of college,” Ichico says, “the licence was for a middle class motorcycle (~400cc). Two years later I got a licence for a large bike (above 401cc).”

Ichico was ‘brainwashed’ by her father who rode a motorcycle when she was little. He rode a Honda STEED400. He inspired her to get an American-style motorcycle as her first – the DragStar 250 by Yamaha.

Today she owns two motorcycles: a Streetfighter (Kawasaki Z900) and a Supersport (Triumph Daytone675). Next, she wants a CRF or an off-road motorcycle. Ichico would like to have various types of motorcycles because they all have different characteristics.

“I wanted to start something new that was unique.”

When shopping for motorcycles, Ichico goes by looks and specs rather than the brand. Her dream motorcycle is the Ducati Streetfighter V2, which she hopes to own in her future.

Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tips for Women: Interview with Ichico, The Travel Bug Bite

Ichico explains that she feels more free when riding a motorcycle rather than driving a car. She feels like motorcycles are more for entertainment and personal joy while cars are mainly for transportation. It also makes her feel special to own a motorcycle.

“I don’t think I can live without motorcycles anymore. I will absolutely keep riding forever.”

Ichico usually uses her motorcycles for trips instead of daily errands. Since there is no space for shopping bags, she can’t exactly take it for a shopping spree. She rides it both on day trips and on longer journeys. The beauty of owning a motorcycle is that it makes her feel like she can go anywhere with it.

The furthest she has ever gone is to the North Top of Hokkaido. The fastest she has driven was 200km/h (125m/h) on the Suzuka Circuit. While she hasn’t tried any yet, she would love to try some stunts one day with a KSR110.

“I was really scared of the speed and the power of my motorcycle.”

Maintenance and Safety

Impressively enough, Ichico does most of her motorcycle maintenance herself. She is currently learning from an expert bike mechanic. The more work she does on it, the more she likes it. Ichico also writes for Moto Zip and they give her a chance to restore broken motorcycles, which has taught her a lot.

She stays safe on her motorcycle by wearing all the necessary gear such as her Icon helmet, gloves, boots and other protectors. Ichico also abides by the speed limit and only goes fast on roads where it is allowed or on the race courses with the necessary permission.

Owning a motorcycle has changed Ichico’s life in many ways. It has helped her make new friends and become more active than ever before. Her motorcycle also gave her the opportunity to become a writer, something she never thought she could do. Riding a motorcycle also helps her de-stress and feel free.

“I feel like I have wings when I’m riding on a motorcycle.”

Tips for Newbies

A great motorcycle for beginners is a KAWASAKI, although Ichico strongly advises to go with your gut when you buy a motorcycle. She wishes she had done more test rides on a variety of types before making her decision.

“Get the motorcycle that gives you butterflies.”

Women Riders

When women ride motorcycles they are treated differently than men are. One reason for this is that there are simply less women who ride. Ichico believes that this novelty of being a woman rider is the reason she has almost 2,000 subscribers.

It is also a little harder for women to get their license since part of the test involves lifting the motorcycle off the ground – and motorcycles are heavy. When I asked her if she thinks that more women should ride, she had conflicting feelings.

“While it changes your life and makes you a cool woman, it is also really dangerous. I have a scar from riding that will never disappear.”

About Ichico

Ichico was born in the USA and raised in the Czech Republic and Japan, where she currently lives. If you haven’t already noticed, she loves to ride and restore motorcycles. These days she produces clothes related to motorcycles for Motoholic.

You can (and should) follow her on Instagram and YouTube. A word of warning: following this amazing young lady may convince you to buy your very own motorcycle.

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Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tips for Women: Interview with Ichico, The Travel Bug Bite
Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tips for Women: Interview with Ichico, The Travel Bug Bite

Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tips for Women: Interview with Ichico, The Travel Bug Bite

Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tips for Women: Interview with Ichico, The Travel Bug Bite
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  1. Awesome article! Almost makes me tempted to go grab a bike, but I’m not sure I would pass the lifting test >.<

  2. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, but I’m not very balanced and every tells me it’s too dangerous or not worth the risk. I like that she fixes her own bikes and she is very passionate about riding.

  3. I love her passion for riding motorcycles combined with her interest to know how to keep up on the maintenance.

  4. Your passion for motorbikes is certainly evident. Sometimes I wish I could ride one, but I wouldn’t have the balance or confidence!

  5. Wow!!! Such an interesting article. The bikes and pictures are simple awesome.

    1. That’s amazing! If you’d be interested in doing an email interview for me, I’d love to write something similar about you ๐Ÿ™‚ I have access to your email address so if you’re interested, just respond here and I’ll send you the questions!

  6. How interesting! I know several women who enjoy riding their own motorcycles, but I didn’t know that picking a bike up was part of the test.

  7. Motorcycles are heavy! I barely passed the test to get my license and I only got it because my husband wanted to get the motorcycle license together. I like riding in the back but not as a driver. I am not used to how it works even after taking the class.

  8. This is really interesting interview. I have never tried to run a motorcycle before. I wish I could ride one.

  9. These are some great tips for how to stay motivated and inspired when riding a motorcycle.

  10. I have to follow Ichico because she seems really cool and I am interested in her journey for the top of Hiokkiado. I actually live near Suzuka Circuit.

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