National Day: Fried Clams, Chocolate Wafer & Beans

National day, National Day: Fried Clams, Chocolate Wafer & Beans, Travel, Reviews, Bugs & More!

Every day is a national something today. Some days it’s not just one something. Today, for example, is a very confusing day. On July 3rd we’re supposed to be healthy and eat beans but also fried clams as well as chocolate wafers. A balanced diet involves a little bit of everything, right? Let me tell you more about these three fun things we should eat today. But first, subscribe to this website to be up to date on what we’re celebrating every day of the year.

National Fried Clam Day

Living in Rhode Island, I have some experience with clams. Clams are, after all, a staple food in New England. Clams are kind of like oysters. My husband will even swear that they taste better but I couldn’t agree less. I don’t eat much seafood these days and so I have never actually had fried clams! Frying them involves dipping them in milk, coating them with flour and frying them in oil. They are either serves as strips of sliced parts of hard-shell clams or whole soft-shell clams.

Your best bet for finding these is at seaside clam shacks or roadside restaurants. At least in New England during regular non-COVID-19 times. Outside of this region or this weird period of time that 2020 is, I am not too sure where one can get these. You could always get some clams at Whole Foods or your local seafood store and fry them yourself!

How Fried Clams Were Born

In 1914, Lawrence Henry “Chubby” Woodman and his wife Bessie opened a small concession stand on Main Street in Essex, Massachusetts. On weekends they sold small grocery items, homemade potato chips, and fresh clams that Chubby dug himself. At first, the business was slow. But on July 3, 1916, things began to change.

Tarr, while nibbling on the tasty homemade potato chips, noticed a bucket of clams nearby and jokingly said, “Why don’t you fry up some of your clams? If they’re as tasty as those potato chips of yours, you’ll never have to worry about having enough customers.”

Fried clams were unheard of, and two other customers rewarded Tarr’s comment with cold stares. “That’s ridiculous!” said one. The other one remarked, “Clams have shells.” The poor fisherman muttered, “I wasn’t serious. It was a joke. I know you can’t fry clams like chips!”

The next day, during the 4th of July parade, Chubby and Bessie presented the first fried clams to the citizens of Essex. The Yankee appetite has never been the same since.

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Here’s How to Make them Yourself!

National Eat Your Beans Day

Move aside fried clams, healthy eaters are not interested in your oily goodness. National Eat Your Beans Day is all about healthy eating. Did you know that there are 40,000 varieties of beans in the world? Or that they are one of the longest-cultivated plants as they are over 9,000 years old? They are not only an amazing source of protein but they are also full of complex carbohydrates, folate, fiber, and iron.

“Only a fraction of these 40,000 varieties of beans are mass-produced for regular consumption.”

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Beans are Controversial

Beans, also known as legumes, can cause quite a few debates these days. Soybeans in particular seem to stir up drama because they are not environmentally friendly and some people claim that they are unhealthy. Speaking of health, chickpeas are supposed to be among the healthiest. Personally, I like to cook up several kinds and mix them all together with some soy sauce but there are many ways to eat beans.

Beans for Dessert?

Ew, beans as desserts? That doesn’t sound appetizing. But it is! One way to turn beans into a healthy dessert is by baking them into brownies. I can speak from experience that black bean brownies are delicious and they do NOT taste like beans. There are a lot of recipes out these but I prefer this no-flour one.

Another popular way to incorporate beans into your post-dinner diet is by using bean juice. By bean juice I mean either the liquid that remains when you drain a can of beans or the water left over after boiling beans. This is called aquafaba and is a common ingredient in vegan desserts, particularly in mousse or meringues. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this cheap ingredient substitute that also helps you waste less food. If you can’t stomach aquafaba, you could also use it to water your plants to give them extra nutrients.

National Chocolate Wafer Day

If beans and fried clams are not your thing, or if you’re still hungry for dessert – celebrate national chocolate wafer day today! Turns out that wafers are made in America and they remain a popular snack today! There are many different types of wafers which makes them all the better. They come in different types, flavors, shapes and colors. One thing that they all have in common? They are delicious!

“Also called sugar wafers, these delicate snacks melt in your mouth. Made since the mid-1800s in the United States, makers called the cookies many names; wafer cookies, sugar wafers, sugar biscuits, fairy wafers. “

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Every day that we are alive is a reason to celebrate! But sometimes, we want something a little extra to make things more exciting. Luckily, every day is a national or international something day. Today, there are three competing foods: fried clams, beans and chocolate wafers! Which of the three is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Follow The Travel Bug Bite for more great content.

P.S. I lied, I know exactly where to get fried clams! I’m going to go to Iggy’s to try some right as we speak. Thanks for the tip and photo TripAdvisor. Iggy’s happens to be our favorite restaurant!

National day, National Day: Fried Clams, Chocolate Wafer & Beans, Travel, Reviews, Bugs & More!

National day, National Day: Fried Clams, Chocolate Wafer & Beans, Travel, Reviews, Bugs & More!

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