10 Celebrities that Eat Bugs

Celebrities that eat bugs, 10 Celebrities that Eat Bugs, The Travel Bug Bite

Celebrities that eat bugs don’t all do it for the right reason. Which is a shame, because celebrities are often trendsetters in today’s society. Like it or not, famous people can have a lot of influence even if one doesn’t read celeb gossip magazines. Now, I am a big fan of entomophagy because it is a much greener protein source than chicken, pork, and beef. While a large part of the world munches on insects as part of their regular diet, Western cultures turn up their nose at this healthy, delicious, eco-friendly food.

Even though many people love sea-food and will gladly dig into a large plate of crayfish or shrimp, they find insects yucky. But unlike a crayfish that needs its head, legs, and intestines taken out before you take a bite, grasshoppers and other insects are eaten whole. Lobsters are also quite similar to insects and they are literally considered the cockroach of the ocean. I won’t even dive too deep into the crap that is inside an oyster – the ocean’s natural filtration system.

“An adult oyster can filter as much as 50 gallons of water a day.”

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Yet, growing up, our parents pushed these gross sea-creatures into our plates. At the same time, they slapped the worms right out of our mouths saying, ‘no, don’t eat that, that’s icky.’ It was taught to most of us from a young age that insects are yucky and not food. But times are changing. The planet is deteriorating before our eyes and the UN claims that eating insects could help. So why not try it? Maybe the following celebrities will convince you.

1. Nicole Kidman

Yes! One of the classiest ladies ever, Nicole Kidman, eats bugs! She also does it super elegantly, with great commentary. But before you freak out, she is being extra brave. When I tell you to eat bugs, I am mostly talking about fried crickets and mealworms – you can even buy them in power form and make a pizza out of them. There are also protein bars made from bugs, so you can’t actually see or taste them.

“I am here to reveal my hidden talent, eating micro livestock.”

Nicole Kidman

Out of sight out of mind, right? Or, you can dive right in and eat live bugs like Nicole… but keep in mind that you won’t find living bugs to eat that easily in Europe or America. Please keep in mind that you can’t just eat bugs that you find outside. They need to be raised in a controlled environment to be safe. You can’t get salmonella or any other diseases from bugs, but wild insects could have consumed pesticides or eaten poisonous fungi. So please, if any of these celebrities inspire you, don’t run out and shove rainworms in your mouth! Find insects raised or sold for human consumption to be safe.

2. Zac Efron

Unlike Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron didn’t eat bugs because he thinks of them as micro livestock. He did the thing that I recommend you don’t do: eat bugs in the wild. He did it as part of a show where he lived off the land for two days. His guide found wild bird eggs and used them, shells included, to create a mealworm omelet. This is not how I suggest you eat bugs…

“If there’s something strange and everyone is afraid to eat it, I’m usually the one to go for it.”

Zac Efron

His next public bug-eating appearance is way more civilized. The reason Zac eats bugs is a little silly. He’s all look at me, I’m so brave. But I can’t hate on him because that was how my bug journey started too. I was at a beer festival where for some reason, they sold insects! They were super expensive and most people were squealing about how gross it was. Of course, the Leo in me couldn’t resist and I had to try them. Once I did, I was hooked! Let’s hope that Zac turns into a passionate entomophagist too.

3. Jessica Biel

Okay, here is another actress that ate bugs to be cool. Or maybe out of peer pressure? Jessica Biel tried a chocolate-covered cricket and she didn’t seem to enjoy it. I have no idea why, since they are absolutely delicious! But hey, at least she tried it and you should too! Just don’t drop them into the chocolate fountain? That is yucky even if you love eating insects.

4. Angelina Jolie

I think we all agree that Angelina Jolie is a remarkable lady. I love her even more now that I know that she is open to eating bugs and does it with her children! Before you cry about child abuse, eating insects is incredibly healthy. As long as you aren’t allergic to shellfish, you can safely eat insects. They have a lot of protein and nutrients in them. Some scientists even believe that crickets contain an enzyme that has the potential to cure Alzheimer’s. Read more about why you should eat bugs on BBC news.

“Crickets, you start with crickets. Crickets and a beer and then you kind of move up to tarantulas.” 

Angelina Jolie

5. Salma Hayek

People in Mexico eat bugs as part of their heritage. Salma Hayek is no exception and she especially loves fried ant eggs with a little guacamole. Personally, I tried ant eggs in Vietnam and I did not enjoy the experience. But I would 100% try them in Mexico! For some reason, people freaked out about this revelation. She went on to upload a photo of herself eating a cricket on Instagram. Wouldn’t bug-eating be a great TikTok challenge?

“Look, I’m salivating. They’re delicious!” 

Salma Hayek

6. Ellen Degeneres

Salma Hayek doesn’t just talk about eating bugs. She encourages other celebrities to try it too! Thanks to her, Ellen Degeneres decided to try some crickets. Ellen is very hesitant to put one in her mouth but once she does, she keeps popping them in! It’s normal to be hesitant because our brain tells us ‘no, this is yucky!’ But once you try it, there is no going back. I totally agree with Salma. They are delicious!

7. Gordon Ramsay

Yes! Gordon Ramsay eats bugs too. On his trip to Cambodia he ate various bugs including worms and tarantulas. I haven’t tried them yet, but the legs do look crunchy and delicious. When they bring up the belly that’s full of puss, that is where they lose me. If you are new to insect eating, stick to the crispy ones. I once ate a cockroach that popped in my mouth and it was not a pleasant experience.

8. 9. 10. Anna Faris, Tituss Burgess & James Corden

Chef David George Gordon, who prepares gourmet dishes with bugs as protein, has James, Anna and Tituss try ants, cockroaches, and a deep-fried tarantula. Guess what? They like it! Eating bugs is not as strange as you think. One one hand, these videos of celebrities that eat bugs are part of the problem – oh cool, this is so weird, I’m going to do it. On another, if they can do it, so can you! Let’s normalize this once and for all.

Summary – Celebrities that Eat Bugs

Eating bugs may seem weird but that’s only because we weren’t raised to do it. We were literally told not to put bugs in our mouth as children. By we, I mean most Westerners. Because a majority of people in the world HAVE eaten bugs and do so on a regular basis. According to the UN, we should all eat more bugs to help save the planet. Read more bug-biting articles on The Travel Bug Bite today.

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Celebrities that eat bugs, 10 Celebrities that Eat Bugs, The Travel Bug Bite
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