Run Motivators: Pizza, Pizza! 40K Challenge

Run Motivators, Run Motivators: Pizza, Pizza! 40K Challenge, The Travel Bug Bite

Run Motivators is one of my go-to companies for virtual races. They have amazing medals, really fun challenges and a great support team. Although I have written about many other virtual race companies, this one was actually one of the first I bought a medal from. I ordered my Pizza, Pizza! 40K Challenge medal several months ago and I almost forgot about it until it arrived in the mail! I was so excited because this one medal has eight pieces, each for a 5k run.

Losing a Piece

I keep my medals on my treadmill for motivation. Of course, I have one for every holiday and a bunch of others. It’s safe to say that I am addicted to them and they really help motivate me to run. I even got my husband back into running and got him a few medals. Isaac is a great runner but he is also the clumsiest person I have ever met. So when he was asked to move the treadmill for a picture (we’re selling our house), he forgot that I have 30kg of medals on it and knocked them right over.

My cute Pizza Challenge medal that I have had for exactly four hours fell on the floor and all eight pieces flew into different directions. When I picked all my sad medals off the ground, I could only find five of the eight pizza slices! They weren’t under the sofa, or the bookshelves, or anywhere! As Isaac kept moving the treadmill, one slipped out from somewhere deep inside it. But two were still missing…

We shook the treadmill but it wasn’t working. If a piece was stuck, it wasn’t going anywhere. So I had Isaac disassemble the treadmill and we managed to find one more missing piece. But the last slice was nowhere to be found. If this was a regular race, I wouldn’t be too worried. However, this is a one-time challenge, so I couldn’t even buy another medal if I wanted to. I gave up for a few weeks.

Finally, I sent the company an email. It was super embarrassing and I rightfully blamed it all on Isaac. I told them how much I love the medal and how we managed to lose a piece. Was there any chance that I could buy a spare slice, if they had any left? They responded within an hour and told me that they would send one, free-of-charge, right away! I received it a week later and I couldn’t be happier!

So, I wanted to share this awesome company. Check out the races, challenges and apparel here.

Run Motivators, Run Motivators: Pizza, Pizza! 40K Challenge, The Travel Bug Bite

Join a Virtual Race

Virtual races are a great way to stay active and motivated. There are many to chose from and some even donate to charities. Get your run on by joining a virtual race today! If beer is not your thing, check out these others:

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Run Motivators, Run Motivators: Pizza, Pizza! 40K Challenge, The Travel Bug Bite

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