5 Health Benefits of Living Near the Water

Health Benefits of Living Near the Water, 5 Health Benefits of Living Near the Water, The Travel Bug Bite

Many people enjoy or dream of living by the water. There are many reasons to like being close to water *cue Moana singing*. However, there are even more health benefits of living near the water! Swarms of mosquito and fear of hurricanes aside, there are many reasons why living by the ocean or a lake can improve your quality of life. Which is exactly why I am shopping for a home as close to the beach as possible.

1. Better Sleep

It’s not just the sound of the waves that helps you get your snooze on. Research shows that the air around bodies of water (freshwater lakes as well as oceans), is filled with negative ions. Sleeping better comes with its own list of positive side effects. Good sleep improves overall health and productivity and it is key to keeping off extra weight. Read more about the side effects of sleep deprivation here.

“Full of negative ions, ocean air helps you sleep more soundly. That’s because negative ions help the body take in oxygen while balancing serotonin levels. This is crucial in allowing seaside sleepers to relax, sleep uninterrupted and wake up refreshed.”

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2. Better Skin

The salt, magnesium and potassium in the ocean water can help actually help heal skin and add to its elasticity. A certain amount of sun can also be great for your skin, but make sure to use sunscreen if you’re going to be out long! Swimming in salty water is also beneficial, which explains why we look so good and don’t just feel amazing after a holiday. But ocean air alone does wonders, so living by the water can really improve your skin.

“If you suffer from dry skin, ocean water is also better than a trip to the dermatologist.”

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3. Less Respiratory Problems

Salty air helps thin mucus and improve our lung function! I specifically remember a doctor telling my mother that her asthma would improve if we moved to the seaside. This was useless advice since we lived in the capital city of a landlocked country where desperate women go tanning in city parks, sometimes topless. Needless to say, we never moved. Although my mom now lives in her home-city with great white sand beaches along the river. Read more about Kyiv, Ukraine here.

4. Mental Health

Remember those negative ions that help us sleep? They also help balance our serotonin levels! Turns out that the ocean can have a placebo effect on our mental health too. Simply looking out at the ocean or even thinking about it can be beneficial. Who knew that there were mental health benefits of living near the water too?

“New studies are being designed to see whether the placebo effect of simply looking at images of the ocean can affect people in stressful situations such as visiting a dentist for that root canal. The results are not in yet, but Fleming and her team are seeing signs that even just focusing on the thought of being near the ocean may be enough to relax people.”

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5. Better Overall Health

Those ions are simply magical because they also improve your your immune system. You are less likely to get infections when you live by the water. This includes common colds, but even minor injuries such as cuts will also heal faster.

“The gas molecules in the ocean mist create a genuine spray rich in iodine, which helps regulate the thyroid gland. The spray is also loaded with negative ions. Negatives ions strengthen the body’s immunological defense mechanisms. This mist of extremely small molecules enters the body through the respiratory system, where they attach to the walls of the lungs for distribution throughout the body.”

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Summary: Health Benefits of Living Near the Water

There are certain risks when it comes to living right by the water, especially for a home owner. We are currently looking at a house that is on a slight hill by literally a one minute walk from the water. You can even see the ocean from the windows! Will we need flood insurance? Will everything we own be one day swept away by a storm? It is a real possibility. But the benefits are worth the risks. Plus it would be silly to let a ‘what if’ fear prevent me from full-filling a lifelong dream of living by the ocean.

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Health Benefits of Living Near the Water, 5 Health Benefits of Living Near the Water, The Travel Bug Bite
Health Benefits of Living Near the Water, 5 Health Benefits of Living Near the Water, The Travel Bug Bite

Health Benefits of Living Near the Water, 5 Health Benefits of Living Near the Water, The Travel Bug Bite

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