Next to Nowhere Creamery: RI’s Best Ice Cream

Next to Nowhere Creamery, Next to Nowhere Creamery: RI’s Best Ice Cream, The Travel Bug Bite

Next to Nowhere Creamery has delicious ice cream. Isaac and I discovered it on the way back from a hike at Step Stone Falls. As a Rhode Island native, Isaac had obviously heard of the Middle of Nowhere Diner but I was incredibly amused by the well-fitting name. I wasn’t hungry enough to stuff myself with pancakes and bottomless coffee, but I was craving something sweet.

Next to Nowhere Creamery

Located right next to the Middle of Nowhere Diner, Next to Nowhere Creamery always has a long line of people waiting to enjoy some delicious ice cream. As someone who doesn’t eat dairy, I wasn’t too hopefully about finding something to eat here other than a crunchy cone. It turned out that they have several dairy-free options every season – sometimes they even have a vegan special!

My personal go-to is the raspberry sorbet but they also have mango and the richest chocolate you could possibly imagine. It’s always hard to pick just one but their generous portions make more than one scoop impossible to finish. They also have a great selection of cones and sprinkles to satisfy even the pickiest eater.

They don’t just have a ridiculous number of choices when it comes to ice cream flavors. Their extensive menu is a delight for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Where to Find Next to Nowhere Creamery

You can visit their Facebook page to learn more about this awesome gem of an ice-cream place. They are located at: 230 Nooseneck Hill Rd Exeter, Rhode Island 02822. You can also visit Yelp to see some reviews but be prepared for some Negative Nancies. Next to Nowhere Creamery may not be cheap but I always feel like I get what I paid for! Large portions, delicious ice cream and the number of choices gives it 5 stars from this happy camper.


I would love to find out more about the history of this place! Googling got me nowhere, so I’ll be reaching out to locals and history groups to get the scoop (pun intended.) Stay tuned for updates, or even a whole separate article about how this place started!

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Next to Nowhere Creamery, Next to Nowhere Creamery: RI’s Best Ice Cream, The Travel Bug Bite

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