Better Breakfast Month: September

Better Breakfast Month, Better Breakfast Month: September, The Travel Bug Bite

September is Better Breakfast Month, something that we should all be actively pursuing. It may not be 100% accurate that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, eating a good breakfast does have an endless number of positive health effects. Why raise awareness about breakfast in September? We should honestly be doing it every day of the year. However, doing it right when the craziness of summer is over and we return to certain routines, it makes sense to introduce a new habit.

Better Breakfast Month

This awareness month is all about getting healthier and making a habit of it. Not only is September the Better Breakfast Month but September 26th is also Better Breakfast Day. If we have days to celebrate junk foods, why not also celebrate something that is actually good for us?

When To Eat Breakfast

The best time to have breakfast is within two hours after waking up. The sooner you eat breakfast after you wake up, the better it is for your metabolism. Breakfast helps in decreasing appetite. Consuming breakfast first thing in the morning greatly decreases hunger and cravings throughout the day.

The Perfect Breakfast

Everybody has different needs so there isn’t a miracle formula that will suit everyone. However, water is super important! We get dehydrated during sleep so everyone should start off their morning by drinking water. The perfect breakfast incorporates some protein and fruit for energy. Nothing with too much artificial sugar or anything overly processed.

Summary: Better Breakfast Month

Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day anymore, but it is important. Balancing macronutrients, eating whole and healthy foods as well as avoiding artificial, processed foods is the way to go! Change doesn’t need to happen over night. That is why we have an entire month dedicated to better breakfast. Take it one day at a time and make sustainable changes that will stick and make you feel better than ever before!

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Bonus Jewelry

We specialize in breakfast on Everyfelt! Although it isn’t always healthy. Check out these foods that you can eat for breakfast or any other meal of the day!

Better Breakfast Month, Better Breakfast Month: September, The Travel Bug Bite

Better Breakfast Month, Better Breakfast Month: September, The Travel Bug Bite

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