Motorcycle Tips: Top 5 Essentials for Cold Weather Rides

Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tips: Top 5 Essentials for Cold Weather Rides, The Travel Bug Bite

Riding on your motorbike for multi-months or in extreme weather conditions is not easy & impossible at some points. For making your ride comfortable here’s a lot you can do. Make sure you hit the road with the right cold gear & tips that help you in navigating cold & icy roads. Here are some tips That will help you in crossing your country on a motorcycle in winter depths.

1. Riding your bike in Snow & Ice

Weather is unpredictable even if there is no storm forecasted, you can still get caught in one. The first thing to do is stop panicking. But simply slow down the speed, and ride smoothly, & give a large braking distance and make sure that other vehicles aren’t following you closely. Roads are highly slippery when it snows, falling at low speed does not cause serious injuries, Snow also poses hurdles in your vision so you have to be extra careful regarding that. Follow extra cautions while crossing bridges that are freezing & stay alarmed for black-ice in dark areas. Slow down your bike while crossing icy patches. Consider riding on snow tires because regular tyres tend to stiffen up under these weather conditions.

2. Keep the Limbs Warm: Motorcycle Tips

If you are a regular rider you must be aware that fingers freeze first. Putting on your gloves for keeping the extremities cozy is essential. Freezing fingers can make you unable to operate the clutch lever & other controls which can result in disaster. The loss of warmth is proportional to your bike’s speed. Having heated grips is the best option you can go for. Buy gloves that come with inside & outside cuffs that keep cold & wet away from your fingers and sleeves. Wear tall socks made of wool for keeping your foot warm. No matter if it’s snowing or not or there’s a prediction on your way we would suggest you always carry a pair of warm grips in your bike’s bag with you.

3. Manage your Bike’s Fluids 

Maintaining the fluid of your motorbike in cold weather can be a critical task. Keep a check on the oil & antifreeze levels for preventing all sorts of internal damages. We would suggest you keep the gas tank at least half full for avoiding the gas freezing in the lines. Thinner oil might help in improving the overall performance, but make sure you check the owner’s manual before doing so.  Keep your ride internally clean, consistent cleaning is the major element that keeps corrosion away from your bike. We would suggest you get your bike wax treated, before the arrival of winter weather so you can protect it from snow & road salt. 

4. Always Keep the Head Warm 

Helmets play a crucial role when it comes to safety, but not all of them are equal especially if you are riding in cold weather. Some of the best dual-sport helmets provide unequivocal ventilation that is excellent when you are climbing mountains or riding through the sunny meadow. But not well in winters. Such ventilation can lead to serious headaches. Make the helmet you wear while riding your bike fits your head well. Because the tighter it is the less air it will allow to flow through. Riding with a cold head is not only distracting & causes discomfort, but can be dangerous. Human bodies struggle with keeping the internal temperature warm, if you make this task harder for your body it will consume the energy that is for mental processes. This reduces your ability to make complex decisions

5. Watch out for Salt, Cracks due to Plows & Black Ice

Road Salt is just not the enemy of metal, but for traction as well. Salt treated ice (crystallized appearance at the side of the road) keeps your ride away. Don’t rush to go into concerns because of snowstorms. Treaded snow can wash out your tyres quickly. Heavy plow trucks traveling on roads destroy it by causing fresh cracks to appear, and sometimes large & chew up rims. We would suggest you ride with correct tire pressure; it is something you should never neglect. It will reduce the chances of bending into a rim or a pinch on a tube.

Black ice is another enemy that comes with snowy weather. Always keep in mind that regular motorcycles are not designed for riding in cold weather. The oceanic salt can quickly make motorcycles succumb to rust. Make sure you have a regular bike wash on your journey after a few miles and give it through treatment once you are done with the journey or the sun is out so you can wash off the salt as much as possible and prevent all the damage it could have done to your bike. If you feel something has already gone wrong, spare no time and get your bike inspected.

Guest post by Bryan Lee, Marketing Associate at Viking Bags

Summary: Motorcycle Tips

With these tips under your belt, you can enjoy riding your motorcycle all year round. Follow The Travel Bug Bite for more great content, and keep your eye out on two upcoming articles with more motorcycle tips. Read more about motorcycles here.

Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tips: Top 5 Essentials for Cold Weather Rides, The Travel Bug Bite

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