How to Get the iPhone App for TimeStope Cryptocurrency

How to Get the iPhone App for TimeStope, How to Get the iPhone App for TimeStope Cryptocurrency, The Travel Bug Bite

So I’ve told you about the Pi Network (olenakagui,) Bee Network (olenaroosa,) and Midoin (olenakahujova3102.) Three apps that have the potential of being the next Bitcoin – although there are no promises. The fourth supposedly big competing cryptocurrency is TimeStope (olenakagui,) but their iPhone app is still pending approval to be listed in the Apple store. Let me tell you how to start mining anyway. Because we can’t let Android users do all the mining!

How to Get the iPhone App for TimeStope?

Step 1: Download BlueStacks on your Mac or PC computer:

Disclaimer: If you’ve already clicked the link and started downloading, thank you for trusting me. However, you really shouldn’t download anything without doing some research. While I would never post malware on my website, I am not all-knowing. If you are worried about downloading this, read through this and potentially do your own research too. Blue Stacks is an emulator, and I have downloaded it on my MacBook Air with no issues so far.

Step 2: Launch BlueStacks

I had to go into my settings to allow Oracle America before I managed to run it on Big Sur. If you experience this issue, check out this article with step-by-step instructions on how to launch it. After you do it once, it’ll run smoothly.

Step 3: Log in with your Google Account. If you don’t have one, create a Google Account for free, then log in.

Step 4: In BlueStacks, open Google Play Store.

Step 5: Download TimeStope. Ensure that you do not allow TimeStope to record audio or video on your device or any other strange requests during set up.

To create your account, follow the on-screen instructions, and don’t forget to use my witness code: olenakagui. TimeStope calls it a witness code, but other cryptocurrencies usually call it a referral. Now you know how to get the iPhone app for TimeStope! Or, save money and buy these inexpensive handmade crypto earrings instead!

Will TimeStope Make You Rich?

Now that you know how to get the iPhone app for TimeStope let’s talk about the nitty-gritty. Like any of these other cryptocurrencies, there is no guarantee that TimeStope will take off and make you rich. But there was no guarantee with Bitcoin either. Since it is free to install this app and only takes seconds to mine, I don’t see it as a significant risk for time or money.

If you follow this logic, you might as well get the others too. It takes me exactly 60 seconds to mine all four every day. When you use someone’s code, they get a better mining rate. Make sure to chose someone who is always active, like I am, as this will improve your own mining rate:

Bee Network reference code: olenaroosa
Pi Network reference code: olenakagui
Midoin Network reference code: olenakahujova3102
TimeStope witness code: olenakagui

Of course, there is always the risk of there being malware on the app, which is why I was a little hesitant to download it. Although Apple is always strict about adding new apps to the App Store, I saw it not being a red flag. But this is up to you to decide for yourselves.

If you are an Android user or using an emulator, always make sure to deny strange permissions and double-check the app’s settings for anything sketchy. Until Apple approves the app, you will need to know how to get the iPhone app for TimeStope using an emulator.

About: Is TimeStope Legit?

TimeStope is Korean, and it has more info than many cryptocurrencies; plus they even have a live chat on their website for you to ask any questions. They also have this video:

According to Josh Gates on Quora:

“Surely Timestope is legit. Here is the explanation: Timestope(witness code network01) is a verified and legit Crypto Currency that started free mining on October 7, 2020, Founded by Korean Community. This Free “Mining” Offered by Timestope is aimed at creating awareness to have many people be in possession of the coins (Crypto Currency) before it’ll be launched and trading will start.

Timestope, being one of the best cryptocurrencies is promising and most excitingly, it is 100% free Registration and free Mining with or without referral. To start your journey mining Timestope to financial freedom. Timestope app is available on play store or app store. So anyone can download Timestope and earn cryptocurrency.”


If you go to the Quora thread, you will see a lot more people talking about it, and Josh Gates gives a lot more specific information about it. My primary purpose here was to teach you to how to get the iPhone app for TimeStope!

Summary: How to Get the iPhone App for TimeStope?

Now you know how to get the iPhone app for TimeStope using an emulator! This was my first time using one, and I was able to figure it out quickly, and I’m not mining myself some TIME. Use my witness code: olenakagui and mine with me. I am always active, so using my code will (maybe) make you rich as long as TimeStope gets as big as Bitcoin. But I cannot make any promises; I’m just here for the ride.

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How to Get the iPhone App for TimeStope, How to Get the iPhone App for TimeStope Cryptocurrency, The Travel Bug Bite


  1. If you want to start mining now, you can do so with emulator for IOS or Android, and later on (when IOS version is released) to transfer your account across mobiles / systems. Just search for this option. There is lot of information. Make sure you back up your Public & Private Keys upon creating account. You can also use LP tokens tracking and check DEX tracking App at

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