7 Savvy Tips To Keep in Mind Before You Visit India

, 7 Savvy Tips To Keep in Mind Before You Visit India, The Travel Bug Bite

Are you preparing for a trip to India? At times, India might appear to be intimidating, highly crowded, and somewhat perplexing. But it is a welcoming country. The culture of Indians instructs them to treat guests with great care and respect. It might take a while for you to adapt to the bustling energy in this new environment. But you will soon discover how to remain healthy, secure, and happy.

By Danielle D’silva

, 7 Savvy Tips To Keep in Mind Before You Visit India, The Travel Bug Bite

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India may not be the simplest country to visit, but it is certainly rewarding. It has some absolutely beautiful sights that differ from any other place on the planet. It also has wonderful food, magnificent natural beauty, pleasant and dynamic people, as well as a deep cultural legacy which is a joy to discover.

There is no shortage of reasons to visit India, from huge festivals to fabulous fashion trends. You can also find beauty in the local train rides as well as traditional dances.

So, to allow you to make the best of your vacation to India, these are some brilliant tips and methods you should keep in mind before you arrive.

#1. Be Prepared for a Cultural Shock

When you visit India for the first time, you will almost certainly face a cultural shock. It is pointless to try to stop it. Instead, brace yourself and realize that things won’t be as they were at home. Keep an open mind and drop your notions at the door.

Each of India’s 28 states has its own distinct history and traditions. Some are more liberal than others. For instance, Goa and other northeast states are more relaxed. Others, like Rajasthan or Haryana, are quite conservative. 

 Although the Indian weather is warm, wearing a deep-cut top or a tiny skirt may not be appropriate. Besides that, revealing clothing will attract some unwelcome attention. It is also impolite to dress in this manner when entering a religious institution, like a temple. Bring breezy long pants, shoulder-covering tops, and a scarf or drape to protect your neckline. 

The clothes you wear and how you engage with others are important. It will be seen quite differently depending on where you go. Try doing some basic research about the region you intend to visit. You can also get advice from others who have already traveled there.

#2. Be Careful of what you eat

The majority of Indians are vegetarian. Vegetarian food in India offers a variety of healthful, fresh, and delicious dishes. Many visitors prefer to go vegetarian while visiting since it decreases the danger of falling sick from poorly prepared meat.

Besides that, Indian dishes are typically spicy. Many foreigners cannot handle even the mildest form of spicy food. So, when ordering, specify that you want a less spicy dish.

Sadly, the most prevalent problem that many visitors in India face is the dreaded diarrhea monster.  Regardless of how cautious you are, your system will not be accustomed to the number of bacterial organisms found in Indian water and food. This is why having travelers’ diarrhea medication on hand is a smart idea – before you actually need it.

You won’t want to be far from a bathroom and roaming the streets for a drugstore if you wait until you’re really feeling terrible.

#3. Buy a SIM card

It will be so much easier to travel in India if you can use your phone. You’ll be able to use Google Maps to get directions or read TripAdvisor reviews before entering a restaurant. Besides that, you can also quickly search for travel websites for advice, fraud warnings, and more. Buying a new SIM card with internet for your phone must be one of your main concerns when you arrive.

#4. Anticipate a unique Indian Nod

While vacationing in India, you may observe that Indians respond by wagging their heads in a unique manner. It isn’t the type of nod you’d expect to understand.

Since it is a nod that you won’t find in western countries, it may be surprising. This Indian waggle can have many meanings based on the situation.

#5. Be wary of Pickpockets

Be careful anytime you find yourself in a crowded city area. You should be mindful of your personal items. Keep your wallet, phone and passport in the front or in a closed backpack instead of your back pocket. Don’t carry or wear any costly jewelers or garments. Instead, stay simple and just carry the essentials.

#6. Don’t get fooled by travel scams and con artists.

You may fall prey to several travel scams. So you need to be wary of the transport you take. If possible, try finding someone who can help get you proper transport. Some taxi drivers try to fool you by stating that they aren’t aware of your particular hotel. They also try to convince you that it may have shut down or relocated. Some of these taxi drivers receive a fee for bringing in new customers. So they will try to trick you into changing your hotel reservation. You can avoid this by studying your hotel address in advance. You can also make use of Google to properly verify where your hotel is located.

Besides that, you may also come across people selling you fake train passes. These hoax tourist booths can be found in many major cities like Mumbai or Delhi. They may try to deceive you by offering you forged train tickets. They will end up unusable when you reach for your travel. Here you can search for their names online to know whether they are legit or not.

#7. Buy Bottled Water

India is on its way to becoming a clean nation. Not all sources of water are safe to drink. Even if you’re staying in a luxury hotel, remember to stick with labeled bottled water. If you’re going out somewhere, always bring a bottle of water with you.

However, some shopkeepers may fill these bottles using tap water, then replace the cover and resell them. To avoid falling sick, make sure to check your water before actually buying it. Most water bottles have plastic seals. If it is damaged, then don’t buy it.

In Conclusion

India is a magnificent place to visit. It is rich in culture and has beautiful landscapes. However, if you’re traveling to India for the first time, there are some things you should keep in mind.

There is a significant cultural difference when you arrive in India. Make sure to educate yourself on fashion, etiquette, food and much more. Besides that, you should also keep in mind that you might not be totally used to the food and water here. Therefore, keep things like medicines, bottled water, hand sanitizer and tissue rolls handy. 

In addition to that, you should also be wary of scams, pickpockets and hoaxes. Enjoy the country but also be aware of your surroundings. You should also look down when you walk to keep away from any animal droppings or uneven roads and potholes. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to buy a SIM card with data. Besides that, you can carry cash with you for rickshaws and taxis. Also, don’t forget to pack light and comfortable clothing. You should also talk to locals and learn about your surroundings.

Finally, just enjoy the chaos and beauty of India. Ask questions, explore the cuisine and take part in the beautiful festivities. Don’t forget to try your hand at bargaining!

What is your favorite part of Indian culture? What are your hacks while traveling to unique countries? Let us know in the comments section below.

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, 7 Savvy Tips To Keep in Mind Before You Visit India, The Travel Bug Bite

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