Living in Huaqiao: The Ultimate List of Places to Eat (Guest Post)

, Living in Huaqiao: The Ultimate List of Places to Eat (Guest Post), The Travel Bug Bite

Written by Olivia Hall, this is a chapter of the KCIS Survival Guide.
This guide was sent to all new teachers coming to teach at the Kang Chiao International School in Huaqiao.

If you’re getting a little tired of eating at the hotel or school cafeteria, don’t worry! There is a plethora of delicious dining options out there if you’re willing to explore. The options range from traditional Chinese cuisine to Italian and German restaurants, sushi, burgers and Korean BBQ are all just a stone’s throw away! Here is a list of local dining locations you might like to try as you get settles in to life in Huaqiao:

Near the School

— The Muslim Shop —

10 – 20 RMB per person

Highlights: Massive bowls of noodles and 6 RMB sandwiches.

Directions: turn right out of the main front gate then left at the first intersection. There you’ll find a line of shops and restaurants geared towards the large construction community. The Muslim Shop is further down the line next to a convenience store.

Top Tip: Outside drinks are okay.

 — Peater Parker —

10 – 30 RMB per person

Highlights: coffee (that isn’t instant) and cheesecake right on campus!

Directions: 1st floor, main building.

Top Tip: Open late.

Huaqiao Township

— Hot Pot —

Highlights: A non-oily hotpot option! Watermelon and oranges on offer.

Directions: From school, head along Lu Di Da Dao toward E-mart/Hanting. Turn right at Megafit onto Huaqang Road. The restaurant is on the first floor of the building on your right.

Top Tip: No English menu!

— Frypan —

20 – 40 RMB per person

Highlights: Delicious boneless fried chicken with 6 different dipping sauces, and headache inducing beers.

Directions: From school, head along Lu Di Da Dao toward E-mart/Hanting. Turn left onto Huawang Road (opposite Megafit). Head through a couple of residential intersections and keep your eyes peeled for the restaurant on the left shortly after passing Huaxi Road.

Top Tip: You can order delivery (with the help of a Chinese friend).

E-mart Area

— Salad Works —

40 – 70 RMB per person

Highlights: Delicious, healthy, fresh and not drenched in oil! Salads and wraps all found in a trendy setting.

Directions: Find “The Pyramids” (oddly shaped, cubey thing) building, opposite McDonald’s on Lu Di Da Dao. On the ground floor of building 3 (the section closest to Lu DDD) you’ll find the restaurant.

Top Tip: Seats outside!

— Sushi —

20 – 40 RMB per person

Highlights: Salmon. So good!

Directions: Enter the E-mart mall and weave your way into the heart of the ground level. Here you’ll find a food court style seating area. You’ll see the sushi chefs dressed in black.

Top Tip: You can also get delicious dumplings next door.

— K’s Kitchen —

40 – 150 RMB per person

Highlights: Western, western, western foooooood. Burgers, pizza, risotto, churros!

Directions: From E-mart continue along Lu Di Da Dao a couple of hundred meters, passing the cinema on your right. Turn into a small roadway and you’ll see the light blue K’s sign ahead.

Top Tip: The upstairs area is perfect for a party!

— Casa Mia —

40 – 100 RMB per person

Highlights: pizza, pizza, pizza! Italiano in an intimate setting.

Directions: From Lu Di Da Dao, walk to the right of E-mart and follow a small lane to the right. You’ll spot a small sign on the right side of the alley, right?

Top Rip: It’s a one man show, so the chef will take your order and then cook. He might even have to fuck out to make a delivery while you dine.

— Lao Beijing —

40 – 100 RMB per person

Highlights: This is the place if you want hot pot and barbeque skewers. Their menu is extensive and the ingredients are high quality. The management loves its foreign patrons; they translated the entire menu into English!

Directions: Find the small road behind McDonalds. Cross the bridge and you’ll find it directly in front of you about 40 meters from the bridge. You can see the private rooms in the upper windows.

Top Tip: You can customize a sauce for all your dipping needs.

** Reviewed by Anne Hale

Further Afield

— Anting Mall —

Highlights: All your standard fast food chains! Dairy Queen, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, Costa Coffee, Yang’s Dumplings, Sushi Restaurant, Neolithic BBQ

Directions: Take the metro to Anting and exit into the mall… explore your culinary options at your leisure.

— Bier Garden —

40 – 100 RMB per person

Highlights: Hearty German food – bratwurst, bier and a regular Filipino cover band.

Directions: From the Anting Metro station head north along Moyu Road, turn right onto Changji Road and head over a small bridge. The Bier Garden will be on the left.

Top Tip: There’s a trampoline!


Following an extensive survey (of myself and one other) there are some ratings based on value for money and deliciousness…

The Muslim Shop – 4/5

Peater Parker – 3/5

Hot Pot – 4/5

Salad Works – 3.5/5

Sushi – 5/5

K’s Kitchen – 3.5/5

Casa Mia – 4/5

Lao Beijing – 4/5

Bier Garden 3.5/5

, Living in Huaqiao: The Ultimate List of Places to Eat (Guest Post), The Travel Bug Bite

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