Living in Huaqiao: Korean Food Review (Guest Post)

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Written by Maurice Mickle, this is a chapter of the KCIS Survival Guide. This guide was sent to all new teachers coming to teach at the Kang Chiao International School in Huaqiao.

Seoul Ga is my home away from home here in Huaqiao. I don’t have many local haunts, but this one is one of my favorites. It was a great relief to discover a Korean BBQ house just 6km away from the school campus. Like many expats in Asia, several of us have done a few years teaching in South Korea and miss the comfort food we grew to love there.

This restaurant is family owned and run by two Korean brothers and their wives. While they speak little English, they are always more than happy to work out what you need!

The menu is quite diverse and represents most of the major dishes you can find in Korea. The atmosphere is quite nice as well. It is located next to the water canal just a 3-minute walk from E-mart. They have 2 floors and an outside dining area next to the water. The prices are very fair. If you are drinking alcohol, the bill can escalate a bit, but it’s still pretty reasonable. On average, a party of 4 spends about 300 RMB/$46.

If you are craving fresh beef, marinated pork and pork belly, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, as with most Korean restaurants, there are free side dishes included with free refills. You won’t leave hungry, I assure you.

I must mention the best part of their menu, the Korean fried chicken. They really know what they are doing when it comes to frying chicken. It’s crispy and flavorful and can be ordered plain, spicy, or half and half. In addition to these main courses, there are some wonderful soups and “anjoo” dishes. Anjoo is usually the food that you eat while drinking. Anjoo examples: Korean omelets, steamed pork and kimchi, rice cakes in spicy sauce and many more. I’ll spare you the awful phonetic spellings of these dishes. If you are familiar with Korean food, you know what I’m talking about.

Last but not least, the question on the tip of your tongue “Do they have SOJU?” Absolutely, yes they do. They even carry the new flavored soju which has grown quite popular in recent years.

There is a second Korean restaurant a bit closer to E-mart and McDonald’s, similar to Seoul Ga buw tih a few minor differences. The name is Dalin Sutbulgui. It’s a bit smaller inside, but also has a nice outdoor dining area. One advantage of this restaurant is that it provides set menus which can make ordering for groups cheaper and more convenient. They also change their side dishes from time to time, which is nice if you’re a regular! They always make me smile when they put down some favorites such as cucumber kimchi and marinated anchovies with peppers. Not for everyone, but I love it. One important thing to note about this restaurant is there is a wait to get in some nights due to its smaller size.

Both of the places are beyond my expectations for Korean food outside Korea. And if you need a stronger endorsement, my wife agrees with my reviews completely. She is 100% Korean and she finds both restaurants to be excellent places to dine. Welcome to Huaqiao!


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