Thai Delicacies: Roti Pancakes

Have you ever noticed that most countries have their own version of a pancake? China has the za liang jian bing or fried pancake served as a breakfast food from street food vendors. The French like their pancakes thin, crispy and savory while Americans prefer them fluffy and doused with maple syrup.

Thailand has their own version of pancakes too. The first difference that you will notice, is their shape. While the rest of the world makes pancakes round, in Thailand they are square. They are deep fried and very crispy with a choice of various ingredients sandwiched in the middle. These can be Nutella, bananas or even tuna!

These pancakes are called “Roti” and it’s origins are debated. Some say that they come from India where they are also known as chapati. Chapati is a flat bread made from stone-ground wholemeal flour. Others say that the pan-fried bread has Muslim origins.

Whatever it’s origins, the fact is that Roti are delicious pancakes. They resemble crepes and are served hot, cut into bite-size squares. Like most pancakes around the word, they are meant to be eaten for breakfast. Here’s a video that shows how they’re made.

You can read more about different pancakes around the world here. I’m on a mission to try them all!

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