Block Island is going green: So can you

, Block Island is going green: So can you, The Travel Bug Bite

With all of Block Island’s power coming from the first offshore windfarm in the Unites States, many Islanders may wonder how they can contribute to a greener lifestyle in their daily lives. Since only five percent of all plastic gets recycled, many of the items that you put into the blue recycle bin will still end up in the ocean. What about reduce? What about reuse? There’s more to being green than tossing plastics in a bin.

Island resident David Roosa has been cleaning the Island’s beaches for as long as he can remember. In September 2008, he finished his first cleanup of the entire island’s perimeter. This was a 29-mile project that covered the outer edges of Block Island and the Great Salt Pond. Roosa catalogued shocking amounts of pollution, previously reported in The Block Island Times: a total of 12,500 pounds of debris that included 57 tires, 7,000 aluminum cans, 8,500 plastic bottles, 2,000 glass bottles, thousands of plastic bags and balloons as well as 200 pounds of clothes…

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