Da Lat Countryside Tour Summary

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Our expectations for this very affordable tour weren’t too high. We’ve been on several day tours that were packed with way too many activities to enjoy – this one was NOT like that! The tour started at 8:30 and ended at around 14:30. We were picked up a little late, but our enthusiastic guide completely made up for it.

First we went to the rose garden where we learned all about the rose business in Dalat and saw beautiful fields with thousands of roses. We also saw some avocado trees and the guide told us that we need to try avocado smoothies at the Dalat market (which we did and they were amazing).

Next up we visited a fascinating minority village where the traditional roles between men and women are reversed. Men raise children and clean the house while women work at the coffee plantations. Women chose the men they want to marry and if the man dies before the woman, the woman can remarry but the opposite isn’t possible. The village is also mysteriously covered in gigantic poisonous spiders the size of your palm! Terrifying.

After that we visited a silk worm farm where we were allowed to wander among the employees and take up close photos. This was one of the highlights of the trip and we learned a lot about the business and silk creation process.

Next came the beautiful Buddhist pagoda and the elephant waterfall. We spent about half an hour at each place – this was a little short but it was doable. After this we ate lunch which cost 90,000 VND each – the cost wasn’t included but it was worth the price. There was a veggie option for just 80,000.

Next came the cricket farm where we got to try some crickets and finally we went to a Weasel Coffee Plantation. The coffee is made by feeding weasels coffee beans (they only eat the biggest ones) and they are cleaned, dried and peeled after they are pooped out. This is the most expensive coffee in the world, although personally, I don’t taste a huge difference between regular and pooped-out coffee. But I’m no coffee expert!

All in all, the trip was great and well worth the 250,000 VND (around $10) that we paid for it! It didn’t include lunch or coffee (60,000 VND per cup) though. I’d definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants try experience something new!


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