King Richard’s Renaissance Faire: Massachusetts, USA 2019

, King Richard’s Renaissance Faire: Massachusetts, USA 2019, The Travel Bug Bite

King Richard’s Faire is a popular annual renaissance fair held in Massachusetts in October. This year was my first time visiting and I made the mistake of going on the very last day and arriving two hours before it closed. In those two hours, I still managed to grab a drink, enjoy all the people in costume, go on a nauseating but fun ride and even see some jousting!

The people we met there recommended that next year we come during the second weekend of the fair and spend the entire day there. There are many shows to see and medieval style food and beverages to enjoy such as mead and peasant bread.

I can write more next year once I actually experience more of it for myself, until then, enjoy their official description of the fair and my YouTube video of  my brief experience there below:

“King Richard’s Faire! Entertainment, exciting rides and skilled games abound on the Faire’s enchanting 80 acre wooded site. You’ll be dazzled by acrobats, aerialists, and jugglers! Captivated with our minstrels, dancers and puppeteers and instantly enthralled by fire eaters, and exotic tigers. Hundreds of talented performers perform non-stop for you throughout the day when visiting any one of our eight vibrant stages.

The King’s handsome knights battle on horseback as bawdy beggars compete in mud. Wacky wenches will leave you in stitches while happy villagers engage you in the lanes. Frolicking faeries can be seen dancing through the forest, where you can try your skill in his majesty’s Gaming Glen.

Epicurean pleasures, suited for royalty, will tantalize your taste buds with the Faire’s unbelievable choices of truly scrumptious treats. Satiate your palate with giant spit-roasted turkey legs, ringlets of fryes, and boules of chowder or stew. Don’t forget to quench thy thirst with champagne, wine, and brew!

Many of the King’s talented artisans journey from around the globe and have much to offer all who enter the gates. You’ll discover beautiful handspun pottery, fabulous jewelry, and incredible face painting. Delight in period clothing, leather, armor, and moccasins. Be amazed with sword making, glass blowing and portrait painting. Revel in scented oils, perfumes and fantastic psychic readings as you make memories to last a lifetime!

The biggest and best Renaissance fair in New England! So much more than any fair or festival you’ve ever seen! Buy tickets on line!

, King Richard’s Renaissance Faire: Massachusetts, USA 2019, The Travel Bug Bite

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