King Richard’s Renaissance Faire: Massachusetts, USA 2019

King Richard’s Faire is a popular annual renaissance fair held in Massachusetts in October. This year was my first time visiting and I made the mistake of going on the very last day and arriving two hours before it closed. In those two hours, I still managed to grab a drink, enjoy all the people…


Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving in Maui, Hawaii

My Thanksgiving in Maui began with a shopping trip that filled my host family’s truck to the very rim. There was just enough room to fit my three British friends and myself into the back to sit on top of all the food. Our host sat in the front with her mother, who drove down the highway so quickly that my hair whipped loudly around my ears and my voice would catch in my throat when I tried to speak. The air was filled with the smell of the salty ocean that ran parallel to the highway. We whizzed past countless palm trees, leaving the enormous green mountain range behind us…

Creating A Startup Across Oceans And Time Differences

Ece Ergüney is the co-founder of two startups together with her business partner, Milan Hnátek. Their inspiring story shows that motivation is all you need to succeed: they drafted a business plan while they lived on opposite sides of the world and took a unique approach to launching two businesses almost simultaneously. Read the full…

Discover London On £50 A Day

London has always been a popular tourist destination and is becoming increasingly more tempting as air travel prices drop. But the city’s reputation for being expensive discourages a lot of people from traveling there. However, with just a few tips, you can save a lot of money and enjoy a cheap trip to London…

Inspiring Story: It Is Important To Find An Activity That Will Bring You Both Pleasure And Money

“Stability is very destructive to the soul,” says Vladyslav Tsarenko, composer and guitar player for No Misery Left and Diary of My Misanthropy. Twenty-three-year-old Tsarenko came to Prague about seven years ago from Ukraine, and in 2012 he started his own graphic studio for music bands,

A Journalist Who Is Trying To Show The Human Face Of The Refugee Crisis

“I wanted to put a human face on the refugee crisis,” says Raymond Furlong, multimedia editor at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. This summer, Furlong got on a train full of refugees at the Greek-Macedonian border to begin working on Desperate Honeymoon. “In many countries, people are scared of refugees,” Furlong explains, “populists are exploiting those fears for…

19 Ridiculous Sports For Staying In Shape In Winter

Adrenaline junkies and adventurers beware! Winter doesn’t have to be a lazy season spent indoors. Discover nineteen unique winter sports that you may have never even heard of.

Free Simple Steps To A Better Memory

Our brains are becoming lazier as technology develops; we rely more and more on our smartphones, which remember everything for us. Luckily, memory works like a muscle, and there are several simple tricks for improving it.

Eat Organic The Smart Way Or Avoid ‘Organic’ Deception

While we keep seeing more ‘organic’ labels on food in the markets, the reality is way more toxic. Youth Time will tell you why, explain different food production processes across the world, and will give you tips on where to buy real organic food.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Media

With the rising popularity of social media, people get more and more news via Facebook, Twitter, and other online sources. According to a study by The Intelligence Group on the media consumption of Millennials, 60% of young people consider social media an important source of news and current affairs. 90% get their news from Facebook…