Back to the Roots: Grow Your Own Food Kits

Back to the Roots, Back to the Roots: Grow Your Own Food Kits, The Travel Bug Bite

Yesterday I wrote an article about starting a garden. But not everyone has the time or space to grow their own food. It is quite the time commitment and can cost a lot to get started. We spent several hundred dollars on the soil and raised garden beds alone! This is where Back to the Roots comes in to make things easier!

Back to the Roots is an amazing company that makes growing your own food extremely simple. They are also a caring company that is hoping to make a difference during this crazy time by offering a discount code on all their products:

“We know many parents & teachers are looking for at-home projects to do with their kids so we are offering 20% off any home grow kits with code GrowTogether20.”

Back to the Roots

This discount code is pretty significant since the products are not cheap. However, they offer quality plants in beautiful packaging that are in the perfect condition to grow healthy food. One of their most comprehensive sets is a $199 FULL INDOOR GARDEN + AQUAPONICS KIT.

This includes:

  • Water Garden 2.0
  • Organic Tomato Self-Watering Planter
  • Organic Kitchen Herb Garden 3 Pack (basil, cilantro, & mint)
  • Organic Mushroom Farm-Homegrown Recipe Book
  • Decorative Kitchen Art Print 4 Pack

Zero-Risk Gardening:

Back to the Roots products are zero-risk. Meaning that they set you up to succeed and if you fail, they guarantee to give you back your money. They are that certain that you will end up growing food and loving their kits. They have a slightly cheaper version of this, without the aquaponics for only $94: THE INDOOR GARDENING ESSENTIALS – HERB, VEGGIES AND MUSHROOMS 6-PLANT BUNDLE.

While I was super tempted by these two bundles, I already grow my own herbs and veggies. So it didn’t make sense to spend quite so much on what I already have. Although I am still considering getting this to enhance my kitchen, since it’s only $25 and super cute: KITCHEN HERB GARDEN – BASIL, MINT, CILANTRO 3-PACK.

My Back to the Roots Purchase

The kit I did order from Back to the Roots was: MUSHROOM VARIETY 3-PACK: MYSTERY EDITION. I ordered it last Sunday and it was delivered on Friday! Unfortunately, I didn’t see the discount code so I paid the full $59.99, but I’m happy to support such a great company.

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m quite the mycophiliac and I’m dying for mushroom picking season to start. Growing your own mushrooms is nowhere near as exciting as finding them in the wild. But it’s still pretty fascinating and they grow really fast.

I didn’t look into the 3-pack from Back to the Roots too closely and I assumed that the mystery box would be revealed at delivery. Turns out that the third box is completely blank and 100% mysterious! Like, I won’t know what the mushroom is until it grows! Fingers crossed for lion’s mane, but I’ll be happy with whatever I get. The mystery aspect makes it even more exciting so the company gets extra points!

Is it Worth the $$$

Back to the Roots is a great company but it’s not the cheapest way to grow your own food. There are cheaper mushroom kits available, although $20-25 per kit is pretty standard. Herbs and tomatoes can also be planted at a much cheaper cost. However, time is also money and this is the easiest way to grow your own food. They also offer a money-back guarantee and pretty packaging that you won’t have if you DIY. It is definitely worth it to check them out and see if Back to the Roots can enhance your lifestyle!

You know what else is worth the money? My cute handmade mushroom earrings, check them out:

Back to the Roots, Back to the Roots: Grow Your Own Food Kits, The Travel Bug Bite

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