Udemy Online Courses: Everything You Want to Know About Wine

Udemy, Udemy Online Courses: Everything You Want to Know About Wine, The Travel Bug Bite

I discovered Udemy while writing articles about ways to stay busy while we’re stuck indoors. Luckily enough, I discovered the website during a 48-hour flash sale. This made all courses 90% off! Of course, I ended up snagging 15 classes worth $2,000 for just over $150. I did notice that there seems to be other discounts available outside of the flash sale that can significantly lower course costs.

So far I have only completed one of my courses, a 2.5 hour wine class taught by a winemaker. What can you learn in just 2.5 hours? Quote a lot, to be honest. Since I am still working full-time, I found it the easiest to combine doing my online classes with my bath.

As long as you don’t mind taking notes on your phone, or a soggy notebook, taking an online class in the bathtub is totally doable. I already like to watch TV in the tub so this is only a little more involved. Especially since Udemy courses are mostly video/audio so you can just sit back, sip wine and learn!

My Experience

It only took me a week of bath, sip and learn to finish this class, which has a total of 2.5 hours of content. I did pause quite a few times to take some notes. My printed certificate now sits proudly on my desk and I do feel like I’ve learned a lot about wine. I still have one more wine course on Udemy to complete. The course came with some free downloadable content as well as recommendations for wine-related books and tools to purchase.

I now have 30 bottles of wine from Splash Wines on the way as well as the Wine Folly book. This course wasn’t enough to make me an expert but it definitely got me excited to learn more. But what exactly did the course teach me?

Before I tell you what Michael Mcfarland taught me, I’d like to confess something. My first impression of him from this course was meh. Then with every lesson, I grew to love him more and more. Michael is an easygoing guy who tells it like it is and he truly is passionate about wine. He was easy to follow and by the end of the course, I had no idea why I didn’t like him at the beginning.

Wine History and Viticulture

The course begins with some brief history and background on wine. All simple stuff that I didn’t know until I took the course. There was then a very in-depth section on how different wines are made, and on the viticulture. I will be reviewing this section because there was a lot to remember, but it was all interesting and understanding it helps one appreciate wine so much more.

How to Taste Wine

Finally, there was a comprehensive section on how to taste wine. I felt a bit lost as my senses are clearly not as refined as Michael’s. Sniffing and slurping my wine didn’t clarify exactly what I was experiencing. I had to read the label to discover that there were tones of caramel. If I told you that I tasted them, I’d be lying.

Despite my pathetic sense of smell and unsophisticated taste buds, I loved learning about how to go through the steps. I will also be going to more wine tastings and getting friends to help me develop my senses. It will take a while before I declare myself a lost cause.

So if you want to learn about the history, creation and tasting of wine, this course is great for you! I did mention that I have another wine course that I am doing. Why? I discovered Udemy on a flash sale day and they were about $10 each. I couldn’t decide between the two so I just got both!

I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to note taking and I finally found the perfect notebook! It is called Black n’ Red and it comes as a hardcover casebound, spiral with a poly cover or spiral with a hard cover. Then there’s also this wine themed one that’s gives bad wine advice! I have the spiral hard cover and the wine one because stationary is life.

Of course, they also sell notebooks specifically for rating wines and recording all the notes. The only reason I don’t have this is because my senses and palate or not sophisticated enough to detect any of the subtleties. Hopefully I’ll develop them one day and then I’ll have a great excuse to buy this Wine Folly Journal!

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Udemy, Udemy Online Courses: Everything You Want to Know About Wine, The Travel Bug Bite
Udemy, Udemy Online Courses: Everything You Want to Know About Wine, The Travel Bug Bite

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