Dropps: Eco-Friendly Detergent and a Naked CEO

Dropps, Dropps: Eco-Friendly Detergent and a Naked CEO, The Travel Bug Bite

Detergent pods get a bad rep cause some of the less intelligent individuals in our society confuse them with candy. Fortunately, not everyone watches pod-eating videos. People like me prefer to watch naked CEOs advertising awesome products in a fun and memorable way.

I didn’t order Dropps right after watching the following ad and I forgot what they were called. All it took was Googling naked CEO and I easily found the website: now THAT is genius marketing.

The ad that changed my laundry routine:

Please share your thoughts on the ad itself in the comments below! I absolutely loved the concept and execution. But I’d love to know what you think. Anyway… back to the product.

How are Dropps Green?

Regular laundry detergent comes in huge plastic bottle and the percentage of actual detergent is insignificant compared to the amount of water filler. So first, are we using more plastic than necessary to contain a high volume of what is mostly water. Second, the shipping on these heavy giant plastic containers is detrimental to our environment.

Also, the ingredients in most detergents are more than just questionable. When we wash our clothes in chemicals, those chemicals are then absorbed into our bodies when we wear said clothes. Feeling itchy yet? I don’t, cause I wash my clothes using Dropps. And so should you.

Dropps are different from other detergents because they are sent in recycled cardboard boxes and delivered straight to your door. Their ingredients are much more natural than those of other detergents. You can see more details about that here. They also source these ingredients in a green and ethical way.

The membrane of their pod is a water soluble film that’s made of polyvinyl alcohol. It is engineered to completely dissolve in your washer, even in cold water temperatures. I can vouch for this because we usually wash most clothes in cold water to use less energy and be even more eco-friendly.

Do they Work?

Yes! My clothes come out just as clean when I use Dropps as they used to with the more chemically detergents. I do prefer to wash my clothes with fabric softener and once I run out of my regular kind, I’ll switch to the Dropps one.

Dropps, Dropps: Eco-Friendly Detergent and a Naked CEO, The Travel Bug Bite

Dropps not only offers regular detergent pods, they also have fabric softener ones and they have other products based on a variety of needs. They have special pods for smaller loads, scent booster pods, oxi booster pods, dish detergent pods as well as odor defense spray and laundry bags/dryer balls. Dropps also offers pods that are fragrance free, for sensitive skin, for baby clothes and a stain and odor remover.

They also offer all of their products in bulk, so if you love them, you can stock up and not worry about running out. Plus, you won’t be unnecessarily tormenting our planet with a higher demand for delivery trucks. If you’re not into bulk buying, you can subscribe to their auto-ship. I did this at first and their estimated time was on point for when I ran out of Dropps.

Are they Pricey?

Nope! For once in this crazy, unfair, capitalist world, the greener, better alternative product is CHEAPER. Most of their pods are sold for just $0.22 USD per load. My favorite product by them is the Stain & Odor Laundry Detergent, Lavender Eucalyptus Bulk Pods which costs $200 (free shipping) which is good for 804 loads. Yes, that’s almost 1,000 loads for just $200!

Obviously, bulk is cheaper than buying smaller packages. The same product for a couple (7-9 loads a week) costs just $36.40, which is good for 140 loads and includes free shipping. This normally lasts us four to five months.

Check out this article by Business Insider with a super thorough review. I definitely recommend them and hope that you will give them a try. If you’re an Amazon shopper like me, you can also buy them using this link. Follow The Travel Bug Bite for more great content!

Dropps, Dropps: Eco-Friendly Detergent and a Naked CEO, The Travel Bug Bite
Dropps, Dropps: Eco-Friendly Detergent and a Naked CEO, The Travel Bug Bite

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  1. I haven’t used pods at all.. I have always wanted to try but my husband and I debate on whether it’s more economical than the good old detergent powder. Thanks for sharing, it’s worth considering!

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