Get Brewsy Wine Making Kit: Juice to Wine in 5 Day

Brewsy Wine Making Kit, Get Brewsy Wine Making Kit: Juice to Wine in 5 Day, The Travel Bug Bite

The Brewsy Wine Making Kit can step up your wine drinking game. While I love trying new wines and going vineyard-hopping, I never even thought to try to make my own. Although I’m always up for new adventures, my recently busy schedule didn’t leave room for much time to start a new hobby. Luckily, the Brewsy Wine Making Kit keeps in mind that some of us unlucky people can’t spend all day making wine. It takes just 15 minutes of prep and a 5 day waiting period to create up to 4.5 gallons of wine!

Check out the video before where we do all the prep almost in real time. I cut out some verbal typos and fetching of extra ingredients. But this was the first time we opened the kit and did any research. It really was as easy as they advertised! The biggest questions is, does it really make good wine? Keep reading (and watching) to find out.

About: Brewsy Wine Making Kit

Brewsy has one goal in mind: giving people the tools and knowledge that they need to turn wine into juice. They did a lot of research and taste-tests to put together easy-to-follow guides. Right after I published the video above, someone on YouTube immediately complained saying that $39.99 is a lot to spend on what can cost $5-10. Obviously, this kit isn’t for people who already know how to make their own wine. It’s a kit that makes it easy for ANYONE to do it. I wasn’t ready to sit down and figure it all out – Brewsy did all that for me and I find $39.99 perfectly reasonable for this kit.

“It’s as easy as making pasta. From the box. Brewing your own real wines and ciders is now easier than cooking dinner.”

Get Brewsy

What Do You Get for $39.99?

I actually got the kit for a little cheaper because I took advantage of the Labor Day sale. More recently, I saw a sale in a Facebook ad that offered it for $29.99! If you are patient you can wait for the next sale to save some money. But I honestly think it’s worth every cent – and no, this is not a sponsored blog post.

First of all, it’s worth it because the box comes with 3 stoppers and 3 bags of yeast. It also comes with a thorough booklet with all the information you need as well as lifetime support. They are an amazing company and they actually care about their customers. They really want us to enjoy their product and have a great time making our own wine.

The supplies in a singe kit can create 4.5 gallons of wine. That alone makes this worth it, since even the cheapest wine in the store costs more. If you read up on their recommendations of juices to use, you will also end up with 4.5 gallons of DELICIOUS wine. We ignored their tip on skipping a juice that had pineapple and orange mixed in and the wine was terrible.

However, cranberry and white grapes made really good natural wines! Plus, the stoppers they provide can be reused indefinitely, so you only need to buy more yeast to keep it going. You can buy more on brewsy – 3 bags cost $19.99. Another option is to use yeast from elsewhere. There are so many options! Brewsy simply teaches you about basic wine making that you can take as far as you want. It’s truly a great stepping stone for beginners.

From Closet to Fridge

The Brewsy Wine Making Kit promises to turn juice to wine in just 5 days! But what needs to be done in that time? As I already mentioned, and proved in the video above, it truly does only take 15 minutes to prep everything. It was super easy and a lot of fun. But once you store your brewing juice in a dark, temperature-controlled environment, what next? They recommend swirling the bottles every once in a while during the first three days. I did not have time to do this… and it turned out just fine!

Check out the video below for a thorough explanation and recap. However, the summary is: after three full days in the closet with a slightly changing temperature, we took the bottles out. We did a quick taste test and to our surprise, they tasted like the young wine that can be found in late summer/early fall in he Czech Republic! This is called burcak in Czech and Federweisser in German. They were still bubbly when we took them out and the purpose of moving them to the fridge was to kill off the yeast.

The Last Step

After two days in the fridge, the wine was ready to drink! At this stage, many people will pour it out to reduce the sediment. This can be done up many times to get a cleaner wine. We don’t mind sediment and we wanted to drink the wine ASAP. We drank it right after the five days were up and it was delicious! Two of three of our wines turned out great. We even had friends over who drank them too and were impressed with the outcome.

The video below shows our final taste test. Keep in mind that we did the bare minimum to try it out. Next time, we’ll add more flavors, time it in a way that allows us to twirl it as recommended and we’ll go all out to see what we can achieve! We still have two bags left in the kit and at this point, we are certain that we will be buying more. Our experience with the Brewsy Wine Making Kit has been amazing!

Summary: Brewsy Wine Making Kit

The Brewsy Wine Making Kit is affordable and easy to use. It really does only take 15 minutes of prep and 5 days of waiting to create delicious wine out of simple store-bought juice. We really had a lot of fun exploring this new hobby and we can’t wait to try another batch. I would definitely recommend this kit to beginner wine makers who want to learn the basics.

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Brewsy Wine Making Kit, Get Brewsy Wine Making Kit: Juice to Wine in 5 Day, The Travel Bug Bite
Brewsy Wine Making Kit, Get Brewsy Wine Making Kit: Juice to Wine in 5 Day, The Travel Bug Bite
Brewsy Wine Making Kit, Get Brewsy Wine Making Kit: Juice to Wine in 5 Day, The Travel Bug Bite

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