Sunwink: Alcohol-Free Cocktail to Try This Dry January

Sunwink, Sunwink: Alcohol-Free Cocktail to Try This Dry January, The Travel Bug Bite

Dry January is a the perfect time to try some new alcohol alternatives such as Sunwink. As a Ukrainian-born Czech, drinking is part of my culture. Alcohol alternatives such as non-alcoholic beer are pretty much a joke in both my home countries. I really enjoy a good pint of beer, glass of wine and even a shot of vodka… Sometimes all in one sitting. However, the older I get, the more I see the negative impact of alcohol on my body and mental health. Dry January is a great time to venture out of your comfort zone (and mine) and try Sunwink!

Sunwink, Sunwink: Alcohol-Free Cocktail to Try This Dry January, The Travel Bug Bite

Why I’m Doing Dry January

I was trying to drink less in December as well. Despite feeling better when not drinking, I was craving bubbly one night. We went to the liquor store and I bought a bottle of champagne while Isaac opted for a non-alcoholic bubbly beverage. Hilariously enough, his cost more than mine and came with a real cork. I tried his drink and it even tasted better than mine. Finally, that evening after I drank an entire bottle of champagne by myself, and I regretted drinking – as I often do.

After the revelation that drinking alone isn’t fun and drinking in general makes me feel horrible, I decided to research alcohol alternatives. Obviously, there are many non-alcoholic beverages out there. Water, juice, soda, kombucha, tea, coffee, the list goes on and on. But just like vegans may enjoy mock beef every once in a while, I crave a beverage with a little more ‘meat’ to it.

It turns out that alcohol alternatives are hard to find, ridiculously priced and super unhealthy. Sure, a bottle of sparkling apple juice is delicious, but at what cost? The calories and sugar are enough to make my head spin, even without a trace of ethanol. Especially since I’m trying to be healthier in general, I had to do some digging to find something that ticked off all the boxes. That is how I discovered Sunwink, the (almost) the perfect solution!

Sunwink – Herbal Tonic Drinks

Sunwink showed up in a Facebook ad and it caught my attention immediately. It offers plant-based, healthy beverages with exotic flavors and cute packaging that’s on the eco-friendly side. The only downside is the price. Their best-selling bundle is the one that I got to try last month:

Sunwink, Sunwink: Alcohol-Free Cocktail to Try This Dry January, The Travel Bug Bite

If this was wine, a 12 pack of 12oz or 354 ml bottles for $48 would be a great price. Especially if it was a fancy artisanal wine. Plus, this is also about how much you’d pay for certain kombuchas. Although I initially struggled with the price, I realized that I was saving money by not drinking wine so I could spend it on Sunwink instead. I did not regret my purchase.

“De-stress, digest, defend and recover with all the flavors of Sunwink. This 12-pack includes three bottles each of our best-sellers Lemon-Rose Uplift and Detox Ginger, and two each of our other classic flavors Hibiscus Mint Unwind, Immunity Berry, and Turmeric Recover. 2% of all sales go back to organizations chosen by the people who inspired the flavors.

All recipes are validated by a clinical herbalist and guarantee 4 times the equivalent amount of herbs you would find in a standard tea bag.”


How it Tasted

It was a delicious carbonated beverage that could pass for a nice cocktail. Since my go-to evening drink is a glass of wine, this was a completely different flavor and experience. The flavors are delicious and you can definitely taste the herbs. It is super refreshing and somehow it seems way more carbonated than sodas, etc. Although I didn’t enjoy it as a swap in for my favorite glass of red wine, I could see myself drinking it regularly for its health benefits and unique flavor.

I tried all five flavors and they were all really different and tasty. Personally, I am not a huge fan of ginger or turmeric in general, but the flavors were mild enough to still enjoy the drinks. I expected that my favorite would be the Hibiscus Mint Unwind, however it was Immunity Berry and Lemon Rose-Uplift that tied for first place. But like I said, I’d drink any of these in a heartbeat. Even though they taste best poured in a glass with ice and a beverage garnish, they also taste great directly from a chilled bottle.

Sunwink Flavors and Ingredients

Ginger Detox

Ingredients: purified water, ginger juice*, maple syrup*, lemon juice*, burdock extract*, dandelion extract*, ginger extract*, cinnamon extract*, pink salt (*organic)

Immunity Berry

Ingredients: purified water, maple syrup*, lemon juice*, goji berry extract*, elderberry juice concentrate*, hibiscus extract*, ginger extract*, cinnamon extract*, pink salt (*organic)

Turmeric Recover

Ingredients: purified water, maple syrup*, lemon juice*, turmeric extract*, ginger extract*, rosemary extract, pink salt, black pepper*, cayenne pepper* (*organic)

Lemon Rose-Uplift

Ingredients: purified water, maple syrup*, lemon juice*, acacia fiber*, hibiscus extract*, lemon balm, rose*, pink salt (*organic)

Hibiscus Mint Unwind

Ingredients: purified water, maple syrup*, lemon juice*, hibiscus extract*, spearmint extract*, ashwagandha extract*, pink salt (*organic)

About the Founders of Sunwink

The idea for Sunwink was born out of CEO and co-founder Eliza Ganesh’s desire to create a company that harnessed all the goodness of plants to better humanity. After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, she thought to herself “there has to be a better way to access daily health and wellness.”

She met Jordan Schenck, and from there they dreamt up an herbal wellness company that made it easy for everyone to access the power of plants. They scoured the shelves and found that everything was either full of crummy ingredients or way overpriced, and not focused on building an inclusive brand. They decided to write down their values and the products they dreamed of having in their lives and they embarked on a journey.

Sunwink, Sunwink: Alcohol-Free Cocktail to Try This Dry January, The Travel Bug Bite


Sunwink is an up-and-coming beverage that is both delicious and nutritious. I am glad I tried it and I’m considering ordering more as a reward for sticking through dry January. I’m not sure I’d pick it as my go-to as an alcohol alternative. But I would love to buy more and drink it on a regular basis. It has fewer calories than juice, is less intense than kombucha, and it can help you live a healthier life. I really hope that it gets more popular and hits local stores. If you want to try it, make sure to take advantage of their offer: 10% off your first order + free shipping!

Follow The Travel Bug Bite for more great content. This January will be heavy on all things healthy living, staying active and self-improvement.

Sunwink, Sunwink: Alcohol-Free Cocktail to Try This Dry January, The Travel Bug Bite

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