Pi Network, the New Bitcoin? Understanding Cryptocurrency

Pi Network, Pi Network, the New Bitcoin? Understanding Cryptocurrency, The Travel Bug Bite

Two days ago, a friend of my invited me to join the Pi Network. By using her code (Judye81), I got 1 Pi and she got 1 Pi. Now I can share my own code to earn more Pi (olenakagui), although they also accumulate over time. Today, 1 Pi is worth approximately 0 dollars, just like Bitcoin back in 2008. We all have a story about being encouraged to buy Bitcoin.

I even remember laughing at the rich men telling me, a poor university student, to spend a weeks salary on some obscure virtual currency that at the time wasn’t accepted anywhere. To this day I regret not investing, just like many others. Joining the Pi network is completely free but requires an invite code. Feel free to use mine (olenakagui)! The more people we invite, the more Pi we can mine.

My reference codes:

You need a referral code to join most of these networks. When you use someone’s code, they get a better mining rate. Make sure to chose someone who is always active, like I am, as this will improve your own mining rate:

Bee Network reference code: olenaroosa
Pi Network reference code: olenakagui
Midoin Network reference code: olenakahujova3102
TimeStope witness code: olenakagui

Feel free to comment with your own reference codes in the comment section below. And if you know of any other cryptocurrency networks, please let me know. I’d love to join using your code and write about them in future blog posts!

Will the Pi Network Make You Rich?

Maybe. Maybe not. If enough people join and the currency grows, we could all be millionaires. If it doesn’t, then we wasted a few seconds sining up. All I know is, I don’t want to kick myself in a few years for not trying something that requires minimal effort and zero investment. Who knows if one day there will be people one password or city dump excavation away from being millionaires all because of the Pi Network. It’s no different from gambling or playing the lottery – except that it costs you nothing. Or, save money and buy these inexpensive handmade crypto earrings instead!

About the Pi Network

The Pi Network was developed by Stanford’s PHD graduates. You can read about it on the Stanford Daily. Nevertheless, there are many people worried about it being a scam. I even found a link about it on Reddit.

“Pi aims to allow everyday people from all walks of life to contribute to the security of the cryptocurrency and the success of its community. The team believes this meritocratic principle, as well as Pi’s inclusivity, are positioning it to become the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency.”

Stanford Daily

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset and is more similar to gold than it is modern currencies. Plus, cryptoccurencies are literally mined. There is a finite amount and it can

“Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are secured by cryptography. This makes it impossible for them to be counterfeited or double-spent. Many are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. They are also not issued by any central authority, making them immune to government manipulation or interference.”

Youth Time Magazine

So there are pros and cons of having a lot of money in cryptocurrencies. Until recently, many cryptocurrencies haven’t been that useful because you couldn’t exchange them for money. But this is slowly changing. It is even predicted that you’ll be able to withdraw them from ATMs in the near future! There are already some for Bitcoin, you can find one near you here.

Summary: Pi Network

Pi Network may become the new Bitcoin or it may not. You can join and share it with people around you and see what happens. Remember the time you didn’t listen to the Bitcoin pushers? What if this ends up blowing up and you end up regretting it? That thought it why I decided to join. Mine with me by joining with my code (olenakagui!) Just download the app, use my code and begin mining today! Also, look into Bee Network (olenaroosa), another cryptocurrency app similar to the Pi Network.

Disclaimer: Do be aware of crypto-scams out there! Always do your research before joining or investing in any new trend. The Pi Network seems to be trustworthy, but feel free to do your own investigating.

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Pi Network, Pi Network, the New Bitcoin? Understanding Cryptocurrency, The Travel Bug Bite


  1. Cryptocurrency is new to me. Thanks for explaining well. I learned something new today! I’m scared of scams tho, so you are right, I need to research extensively first before joining in

  2. I remember when bitcoin just started a friend dashed me $500 worth of bitcoin. I turned it down but today I can only regret my actions… I’m even ashamed to say that I started venturing into cryptocurrency this year 2021. I will sign up to the Pi network. I will not wait.

  3. I’ve been more ever so curious towards cryptocurrency and it’s interesting to hear of a new network. Thanks for sharing with us this information!

  4. Cryptocurrency is new to me. It wasn’t until I started reading, that I had heard of it, but was familiar with it. Great details

  5. Thanks for sharing us understanding about Pi Cryptocurrency. It is great to know about it and learn how it works.

  6. Thank you for commenting 🙂 I am also always active on both Pi (olenakagui) and Bee network (olenaroosa). Feel free to use my referral codes! I also joined the Midoin Network recently (olenakahujova3102).

  7. I’m gifting you 1 Sp! Join now Spotter’s network using my username as referral (PiMp2021).
    Spotter is a new digital currency which is growing up to become soon a cryptocurrency. https://spotterapp.site/download

    I think Spotter’s gonna be a good one because they run Coinstop, and WeBull ads…

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