Ecosia Plants Trees: The Greener Way to Browse the Web

Ecosia, Ecosia Plants Trees: The Greener Way to Browse the Web, The Travel Bug Bite

A few days ago I wrote about Google being carbon neutral since 2007. It made me realize that I somehow forgot to share the wonder that is Ecosia. Like Google, Ecosia is a web browser, except instead of being carbon neutral, it’s carbon negative. This means that instead of making up the carbon that they use, this browser generates even more green energy than it needs.

Why Should You Use Ecosia?

It’s no secret that internet browsers generate a profit via ads. Plus, they have some other money-making tricks up their virtual sleeves. Just like any company, the money internet browsers get from people like us goes somewhere. In many cases, it goes towards growing the company. This could mean investments that range from hiring staff to investing in stocks. The great thing about Ecosia is that it uses its profits to help protect the environment.

Not only does Ecosia plant trees every time people use it to search, but they also use their profits to invest in eco-friendly companies. They are completely transparent with how they spend their money. Plus, unlike some browsers, they keep your data safe. This means that they do not collect and sell your data to advertisers. You know how if you Google something, it shows up as an ad on your social media? Ecosia considers this a faux pas.

Carbon Neutral vs Carbon Free vs Carbon Negative

A lot of companies these days talk about carbon neutrality, but what does it really mean? To be carbon neutral refers to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon dioxide emissions with removal (often through carbon offsetting) or simply eliminating carbon dioxide emissions altogether.

Carbon free means containing no carbon or being free of carbon. Not producing any carbon compounds such as carbon dioxide might contribute to pollution; not associated with the atmosphere’s net emission of carbon dioxide. To be carbon neutral refers to compensating for the carbon produced. Carbon-free means that no carbon was produced in the first place.

The term carbon-negative takes the concept of carbon neutrality a step further. Where carbon neutral is an equal balance between the carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere and how much you remove it, carbon-negative means you remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than you emit.


It only takes a few clicks to set Ecosia to be your go-to browser. I have the extention that I am currently using with Google Chrome. When I type into the URL, it takes me to this green browser instead. 

I have not noticed any difference in the quality of my search results since switching to Ecosia. However, I am now single-handedly responsible for them planting several trees! In the long run, using this browser will also protect me from getting targeted ads which will do wonders for my bank account. Consider trying it for yourself today!

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Ecosia, Ecosia Plants Trees: The Greener Way to Browse the Web, The Travel Bug Bite

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