Don’t Trash those Pumpkins – Smash them into the Compost instead

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Halloween is so much fun! It is also a very wasteful holiday with millions of pumpkins going to waste and rotting away in junk yards. Now I’m not telling you to stop making jack-o-lanterns, that would be blasphemous! I’m just asking you to think about how to dispose of them properly.

No matter where you live, there is a compost somewhere near you. Here in NYC there’s an entire event on November 11th dedicated to smashing and then composting pumpkins! If you don’t have time to smash, then take a detour on your way to work and drop off your pumpkin at any garden or business that will help you compost it.

Composting will make sure your pumpkin decomposes and the nutrients will benefit a tree, flower or someone’s crops. When food is thrown in to the regular trash, it can’t decompose properly and will release gasses that will poison the environment. I’m no scientist so I might not be making sense, you can read about it here.

Go compost those pumpkins! The planet will thank you.


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