Daily Harvest Review: 5-Minute Prep Meals for $5.99+

Daily Harvest Review, Daily Harvest Review: 5-Minute Prep Meals for $5.99+, The Travel Bug Bite

I have been so excited to do this Daily Harvest review ever since we got our box! My husband, Isaac, and I have never been busier than we are today. We wake up at 5 am most days and get straight to work until the moment we pass out around 10 pm. This doesn’t leave much time for anything, especially healthy eating. Not only have we gained weight, but eating highly processed fast food has deprived us of the energy we need to get through our busy days. That is why I started looking into all these meal kits that I’ve seen advertised all over social media. The first one I decided to try was Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest Review, Daily Harvest Review: 5-Minute Prep Meals for $5.99+, The Travel Bug Bite

Daily Harvest Review: Cost

Unfortunately, Daily Harvest is one of the pricier meal kits. We will compare the costs vs. quality in future posts once we try the other products out there. Daily Harvest has plans that start at $5.99+ per meal which is cheaper than eating out at a restaurant, but much more expensive than regular cooking. Especially when you consider that all the ingredients are vegan – which, to contrary belief, are much cheaper to shop for than meat or fish-based meals. However, their ingredients are all organic so that does factor into the price. Their starter box has 14 meals and usually comes at a discount.

Packaging & Shipping

Daily Harvest ships super quickly and the packaging is as eco-friendly as it gets. Almost everything is made from recycled paper and the use of plastic is minimal, reserved for lids and latte pods. In addition to the packaging being so green, meal kits in general have smaller carbon footprints than grocery shopping. So meal kits not only limit food waste but they also help you minimize single-use plastic. Especially when it comes to kits such as Daily Harvest that go the extra step – it really has a big impact on the planet. Of course, if you shop primarily at farmers markets, you could be even less wasteful, but that’s not a realistic option for the average consumer.

How Does It Taste?

So far, we have tried a few of the smoothies, the chocolate bites, the chaga lattes, a harvest bowl and two flatbreads. Everything did taste delicious and natural. The chaga lattes are probably my new favorite thing in the world and the chocolate bites were so rich and amazing. When I ordered the Daily Harvest box, I was honestly most excited about the flat breads. Out of the two I tried, both were good but one did taste a little bland. Nothing that a little garlic powder couldn’t fix! So all in all, everything is delicious and healthy as well as better than food in many restaurants.

Was Prep Truly Easy?

Yes. The main reason we decided to try Daily Harvest was to make our lives easier. Prep was truly as easy as promised and we felt so much better eating real food. Isaac is the cook in our household, but even with him gone for work I was able to prepare these meals because they were SUPER easy. In fact, as someone who hastes calling people and stressing about an appropriate amount to tip, I found Daily Harvest easier, quicker and less stressful than ordering food online to have delivered to my house.

Will We Stay Subscribed?

Here comes the ‘but.’ Both Isaac and I currently work jobs that are close to minimum-wage, so the price of Daily Harvest is a little steep for us. It saved us time and money during this craziness and we may order another box, or two, as needed while we’re extra busy. However, we don’t plan on having a weekly or even monthly delivery. Is it worth it for people who make more money? Definitely! The quality and taste is also 100% worth the cost. As cliche as it sounds, it’s me, not you. The only problem with Daily Harvest is our paychecks, not the price of the product.

Summary: Daily Harvest Review

I could dive deeper and describe the flavors in various meals in this Daily Harvest review. But everyone has different tastes, and I am by no means a skilled food blogger. Here is a blog post that describes the individual meals way better than I ever could. Before you run off and read it, don’t forget to follow The Travel Bug Bite for more great content. Also, check out the video of us unboxing our first Daily Harvest box below:

Daily Harvest Review, Daily Harvest Review: 5-Minute Prep Meals for $5.99+, The Travel Bug Bite

Daily Harvest Review, Daily Harvest Review: 5-Minute Prep Meals for $5.99+, The Travel Bug Bite

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